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This "superhero" movie had so much potential on being really good, they had a good Kato and the Black Beauty was pretty awesome but sadly they also had Seth Rogen being Seth Rogen in a Green Hornet costume. I couldn't believe they had a chance to make a Green Hornet movie but end up filling it with a lame plot, awkward/unfunny jokes. It spoofs superhero movies but why not just make a spoof movie then drag the Green Hornet name through the dirt. I only can hope that they remake this trash into so...

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Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla has to be one of the best Toho Godzilla movies out there, As a child I used to watch this over and over until one day I lost the VHS type and forgot about it all together, I recently found it online to stream so I checked it out again for kicks. I enjoyed it! Yes, it's very dated, dialog is cheesy and the effect are more noticeable now but it sees to work fr this type of flick. The fights between Godzilla and Mecha are cool, the final battle is one of the more better/...

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