Top 10 Marvel Heroes

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  • Daredevil's just the best isn't he? His comic runs are really consistent in quality and the character's just amazing.

  • Such an interesting character. I wish he'd get a bit more development in his more recent appearances though.

  • So Doctor Strange has come up a lot recently for reasons that might be obvious. I just love him, hope his next movie delves a bit deeper into his duties as Sorcerer Supreme.

  • I relate to this character a bit too much. He was really ahead of his time when he debuted and it's always fun when I tell people he's my one of my favorites.

  • Poor guy. I love a lot of his comics but I've found his recent film appearances to be a bit disappointing.

  • Clint Barton's awesome. I like him when he's his more cheerful self though rather than his Ronin incarnation.

  • Janet Van Dyne is awesome and very underrated. It's been nice seeing her grow throughout the decades from Hank's sidekick to full fledged Avengers leader. Personally with a bit of a power boost she could take the spot of Marvel's leading lady.

  • I love Hank despite all the mistakes he's made. I read his original run in Tales to Astonish when I was young and he's stuck with me since. Something I like about him is how, despite all the mistakes he's made he tries to make up for them.

  • Frank's gone down a bit recently. Now that I've read Ennis' Punisher Max the character seems to be a bit one note. Still love him though.

  • Another underrated gem. There's something about loner swamp monsters that appeals to me. Hopefully one day the character will get a bit more spotlight.