Top 10 DC Heroes

This won't be counting characters that first appeared in a Vertigo series. ;)

List items

  • Alec Holland is the bee's knees. I only became interested in the character a couple years ago but since then I've read the vast majority of his appearances. Can't wait for his series to come onto Netflix.

  • There's something about Superman that just makes me smile. I've read a lot of his comics recently and the Man of Steel just seems very appealing, seeing a good portrayal of the character is very satisfying.

  • I seem to really like magical sorcerers. I really love Doctor Fate I just think he's missed out on having an amazing solo series to himself that characters like Swamp Thing and Constantine have had.

  • I'm not super well versed when it comes to the Green Lantern mythos but Hal Jordan will always be one of my favorites. His personality and power set just make any comic that he appears in a lot more entertaining.

  • Michael Jon Carter is a great character who's been through some amazing development over his career. Ignoring Heroes in Crisis hopefully we'll one day manage to see Booster acknowledge for the hero that he already is.

  • I do enjoy a good Aquaman comic. His movie was pretty good as well. Comic wise though I do think I prefer him without a beard but regardless the world he inhabits is really interesting and he like his fighting style and power set.

  • Diana's amazing. This may have been influenced by her more recent appearances but I find her to be really interesting when she's delving into Greek mythology and battling giant monsters.

  • Something I'm finding is that I like it when comic characters evolve and change from where they once were. Barbara's great because she's constantly in flux. She's gone from crime fighter to guy in the chair back to crime fighter and remained interesting throughout. I do hope she takes a different path soon though to keep her interesting.

  • Like I said I like when characters change over time (something a bit rare in comics) so seeing Richard grow over the years has been a treat. He's better off with Barbara than Starfire by the way.

  • I was a bit torn between Spectre or Phantom Stranger but the Spirit of Vengeance won out. Both are cosmic beings that somehow operate on a human level and could have any story told about them. Which is awesome.