Top 10 Comic Book Villains

Just something I felt like putting together.

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  • For me Victor Von Doom is a character that can do no wrong. He's easily my favorite comic villain and I just hope we one day get a screen portrayal that's as cool as his comic counterpart.

  • I came to live the character during Geoff Johns' run of Aquaman and his recent stellar portrayal in the Aquaman film cemented it for me. I bought him in Injustice 2 which is nifty.

  • There's a bit of a toss up now between Taskmaster and Slade Wilson. However I'll give third place to Tasky because his loser portrayal just seems more interesting to me than Deathstroke's ultimate badass depiction.

  • Slade's arguably more of an Anti-Hero but I feel he fits nicely into the villain category. I really loved him back in the day and while I still do it's dampened a bit by other characters with more depth.

  • As you'll quickly learn I tend to learn more towards DC characters. Black Adam is quite similar to Doctor Doom in terms of personality and depiction, I just think Adam's a bit less consistent in terms of writing. Hope he appears in the SHAZAM film for a cameo.

  • Lex is a villain that I feel is quite underrated, similar to Superman when people actually read his stories they'll find he's got a good amount of character. Hope we get a good, accurate portrayal one day.

  • There's something about Thawne's purely evil nature that makes him very appealing, the fact that he's unkillable and his stellar portrayal in the first season of the Flash just cements this.

  • I quite love this character. While many people might think he's your typical, boring all powerful tyrant I find he's got a good amount of personality and a brilliant physical appearance to accompany it.

  • It's the Joker.

  • Again while Omni Man might be more of an Anti Hero I think he fits fairly nicely into the villain demographic. The conflict that the character feels as well as his relationship with his son keeps the guy consistently interesting.