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Top 5 characters I'd like to see 2099 versions of

Ok, we all know there are some pretty sweet 2099 versions of Marvel characters, but there are some that haven't been done that I think would be really cool, so here they are, the top 5 marvel characters that I think deserve 2099 versions.

List items

  • I would absolutely love to see man-Thing in the future, it would be really cool to see how he would relate to the modern world, and wether it would still be Ted Salis or a new person taking on the mantle of the Man-Thing.

  • I would really like to see what the team would look like in the future and who they'd fight.

  • I think it would be cool to see what Elektra in the future would be like and how she would relate to Daredevil 2099

  • It makes sense why there would be a 2099 version of this character because the mantle is passed down through blood.

  • I think it would be cool if they tied in Ant-Man 2099 with Spider-Man 2099 and had him be a product of Alchemax trying to recreate the Pym particle or something