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Bad Parenting: The Comic 4

Mason's not just an idiot. He's a criminally negligent idiot. He obviously loves his daughter, but that's not enough to overcome his stupidity. Recently released from prison and apparently in a hurry to return, Mason wants to be a good guy, he's just too busy with a bevy of bad choices to get around to it. I'm not sure if writer Ed Brisson wants me to feel sorry for him, or hate him, maybe it's a bit of both. Certainly I want him to succeed, if just for the sake of his family, but the guy seems...

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Ennis & McCrea's other classic comic collaboration 1

Hitman exemplifies Ennis' distaste for "super" heroes The oft-overlooked DC title Hitman is worth a trip back to the nifty nineteen-ninties, and don't assume too much about it, this isn't Preacher and Tommy Monaghan isn't your typical hitman.Frequent collaborator, and artist extraordinaire, John McCrea lets his style drift toward classic comic strip and it suits the more relaxed than usual tempo Garth Ennis takes with the series. Have no fear though, when the fighting starts, things get as frene...

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Who knows what genius lurks in the mind of Garth Ennis? 4

There's so much to love in Dynamite Entertainment's The Shadow, an intriguing historical setting, Ennis' usual blend of great dialogue and outrageous action and as adventurous of a story as you're likely to find in modern comics. It's no secret that Ennis is more than a little interested in history, especially the second world war, so it's no surprise that he makes the most of the story's backdrop, the second Sino-Japanese War, highlighting the brutality of the Japanese invasion of China. It ser...

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It reads like a Bill Murray movie, one from the 80's 2

Jack and his "friend"Jack Northworthy isn't what you'd call a likable guy, but I can't help but empathize with the poor bastard. He wants to be the master of his own destiny, not put up with anyone's bullshit, but he's finding out the hard way that life's got other plans. He wanted to play professional hockey, too bad Jack, your knee's shot. He wanted to run the small town of Musk, Minnesota like his father had, reality check Jack, you're not the mayor anymore. His dad thinks he's a joke, his es...

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More fun than a barrel of flaming orangutans 0

The Goon is a funny book. It's as highbrow as lowbrow gets and this first issue is a gut punch to the funny bone. The Goon has a tragic back story (revealed in sepia tones so you know it's a flashback) that sets into motion a series of events that's remarkably unpredictable considering the familiar territory it tramples through, equal parts James Cagney and Ed Wood. Writer and artist Eric Powell is more than just a wellspring of witty dialogue, with art reminiscent of golden age advertising dren...

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