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My 10 favorite sidekicks & supporting characters

A hero's only as good as the company he keeps

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  • Violent, wisecracking, and as loyal as they come.

  • The kind of guy you want on your side in a bar brawl. You're not in a bar brawl? Cass can fix that for you.

  • He's more than just a tree, but more importantly, he's a tree.

  • Good friends are few and far between, especially for a guy like Deadpool.

  • The ultimate fangirl, as deranged as she is adorable.

  • The Darklings are as crude and violent as anything in comics, yet I have to admit I find the hellish little guys antics to be strangely endearing.

  • I love the turtles, but if I'm honest, I've always thought Casey was the best character in the series. His rivalry with Raphael is one of the best recurring themes in the massive anthology that is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • It's hard to think of a single comic that has a better supporting cast than that of Batman and it probably deserves a list of it's own. In any case, no one is more integral to Batman's success than his faithful butler. His wry wit and sophisticated style make him my favorite supporting character in Batman and the coolest butler in pop culture, sorry Mr. Belvedere.

  • The main continuity Wild Child isn't bad, but he pales in comparison to the feral beast that is Wild Child in the Earth-295 reality, better known as Age of Apocalypse. Sabretooth had to keep him on a leash, you know, so he wouldn't rip out the throats of the other X-Men.

  • Bob's just a normal guy in less than normal circumstances. Sure he's a coward, technically speaking, but isn't hanging out with Deadpool an act of bravery in and of itself. Powers? who needs 'em when you're a master of fleeing and hiding. "Hail HYDRA!" oops, I erm, sorry...I got startled.