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10 Must Read Writers & Where to Start

Some writers can paint a picture as vividly as any artist.

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  • Most of you have probably read something by Garth Ennis. On the off chance that you haven't (I'm not judging), there's no time like the present. Dark, brutal, and funny as hell. RECOMMENDED READING: Preacher (already read it? and Hitman, The Boys, and The Punisher? Check out his run on DC's The Demon, starting with volume 3, #40)

  • The multi-talented Powell is the genius behind The Goon. RECOMMENDED READING: The Goon

  • It's no wonder that the man who defined the X-Men, my all-time favorite comic, would appear on a list of writers I think of as essential reading. RECOMMENDED READING: If you've already read The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past, check out Wolverine, volume 1, with pencils by Frank Miller.

  • Perhaps best known for B.P.R.D., Arcudi is probably less known as the guy who developed the version of "The Mask" that the Jim Carrey film was based on, he writes some seriously awesome action sequences that go hand in hand with his surreal style. RECOMMENDED READING: Rumble (Image, 2014)

  • Everyone's heard of Alan Moore, and for good reason, he's been one of the best writers in comics for over 30 years. Watchmen is well worth your time & money, as is The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and the iconic Batman: The Killing Joke. RECOMMENDED READING: The Saga of Swamp Thing (Moore doesn't take over writing duties until issue #20, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the first nineteen issues)

  • I could gush about how amazing Bone is and I will. It's the greatest thing ever. I love it beyond measure. It's sweet, fun, genuinely funny and the art, seriously the art, even without knowing the work he put into it (it doesn't get more DIY than Jeff Smith), it is beautiful. RECOMMENDED READING: Bone

  • As I said before, X-Men is my favorite comic. There are countless great X-Men stories, but my personal favorite is the Age of Apocalypse crossover event from 1995-1996. A lot of great writers worked on it but Nicieza is the standout in my opinion (it's worth mentioning that Jeph Loeb, Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid and Warren Ellis also contributed in a big way). Nicieza has a lot of other great work too and oh yah, he created Deadpool. RECOMMENDED READING: Deadpool: The Circle Chase and Cable & Deadpool

  • One of the reasons Top Cow is my pick for best publisher of the 90's, Wohl helped create The Darkness and Witchblade and wrote some of the best stories for both books. RECOMMENDED READING: The Darkness and Witchblade (Garth Ennis wrote the first six issues of The Darkness, which he co-created. so that's a bonus)

  • Creator of the Red Hulk and another writer who made major contributions to X-Men, it's Loeb's work at DC, including Batman: The Long Halloween, that makes him essential reading. RECOMMENDED READING: Batman: Hush and Daredevil: Yellow

  • Where to start? Waid has done a lot and while it's not all great, there's plenty to recommend, including the awesome Gotham by Gaslight and an award winning run on Daredevil. RECOMMENDED READING: Kingdom Come (with art by the peerless Alex Ross)