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buzzfeed stole my content, but...

It's been almost two years, no I'm not still mad...bitter? Yes, yes I am. But angry? Well, okay, a little.


It all started when a friend sent me a text message, super excited on my behalf because they noticed something from my Tumblr page had been posted on BuzzFeed's Instagram account. "That's pretty cool" I thought at the time, so I went and checked it out myself...sure enough, there it was, Justin Bieber and Crazy Eyes. "Ha! I knew it was funny" I thought, soaking up the validation. Then I noticed they didn't credit me, big surprise I know. nor did they link back to the original post, they didn't do anything except post the picture to Instagram as though they had one of their middle-aged hipster interns Photoshop it. And then did the same thing on their Facebook page.

Well, no problem. Nothing a strongly worded e-mail can't fix, right? I know, I can be really dumb sometimes, but I just thought "damn it, I deserve recognition for that stupid picture" and I sent them the following:

hi buzzfeed. how are you? ok, enough small talk. I couldn't help but notice you guys posted a picture I made on your instagram and facebook, but didn't bother to give me credit for it or link to the original content found on my tumblr page. Here is a link to my picture on your instagram: and here is my original post:

While I'm honored that you like my picture, ok maybe not honored...amused? Slightly flattered perhaps...I would appreciate it if you credited me, as I slaved over a hot photoshop for several minutes to create it.



Well, as you can imagine that accomplished nothing. I never got a reply. They never bothered to give me any credit. Oh well, right? Who cares? I guess I do, but only a little at this point. So, I don't read BuzzFeed articles, I'm not sure what Pretty Little Liars character I am, I'll never see those 12 pictures that would have restored my faith in humanity, and I don't care. Good riddance.

well never mind then
well never mind then

And then I went to get a screen grab of my picture on their Facebook page to demonstrate my point and I found this. Well...damn.

What'll I do now? I guess I'll go watch that BuzzFeed video on Youtube where they get foreigners to eat a Twinkie for the first time.

So it goes.