My Top 25 Villains

List items

  • Battled Spider Man & Nomad.

    Killed by Scourge (but his death was never actually shown)

  • Originally a Shang-Chi villain, he received a major upgrade and went head to head with Silver Surfer!

  • Obscure villain, got his butt-kicked by Ghost Rider and was given the penance stare through his cool looking mask lol.

  • Battled the original incarnation of the Outsiders, and almost won.

  • A Blue Beetle foe with a rather snazzy costume, killed in the OMAC saga.

  • A low-level villain, portrayed by 3 separate criminals, one of whom was killed by Scourge in the Bar With No Name. Has battled Spider-Man, She Hulk and Nighthawk (of Defenders)

  • Booster Gold foe, leader of The 1000, a group of villains united in the cause of taking over the world, consisting of heavyweights such as The Chiller & Shockwave, lmao.

  • Featured in the Squadron Supreme saga, he displayed energy siphoning abilities, that eventually got him killed!

  • A one time member of The Maggia, Masters Of Evil and Hydra, Blackwing is the son of Silvermane, and has battled Captain America and Daredevil on several occasions.

  • A one-time member of Suicide Squad and on again off again foe of Batman, 3 people have assumed the mantle of Black Spider, and 2 have been killed.

  • A hired asssassin that was involved in a few skirmishes with Darkhawk, and The Thunderbolts.

  • A confused vigilante with psionic powers who has fought both Spider Man and Iron man, only to be killed by The Scourge. Was eventually resurrected by The Hood, only to be killed again by The Punisher!

  • Relentless mutant hunter, with hi-tech gear, pillaged from a variety of alien races.

  • Servant of Chaos and foe of Hawk & Dove

  • An obscure, highly underrated villain with a heavy power set. Originally battled Havok & Wolverine in Marvel Comics Presents, she appeared again in Marc Spector's Moon Knight, only to disappear again.

  • A mercenary for hire who battled Spider Woman & Werewolf By Night to a stand still, Enforcer was slaine by Scourge, only to have his legacy continued by his son. Recently appeared in Dark Reign's "Made Men" series.

  • Psychotic assassin, and one time enemy/member of The Defenders

  • Another mysterious Booster Gold foe and member of The 1000, with powers based on psionic energy.

  • An underrated villain, draws power from the Kree Alpha Stone (similar to Blue Diamond). He was slaine by Scourge, but eventually resurrected by The Hood to kill Punisher. Currently a member of The Hood's gang.

  • A crazy, maniacal mercenary who is always shown foaming at the mouth. Battled Death's Head and was easily disposed.