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Real Name: Theodore Olaf Aster

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 350 lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Brown

Age: Undead

Description: Theodore Olaf Aster was born on an unknown date to a family of peasant bakers. He discovered the art of using a toaster at a very young age. Due to the fact that he was terrible at all other baking (unlike his baking-prodigy siblings), his parents gave him the sole job of toasting all of their bread slices. At age 12, he had already mastered the art of the various settings and temperatures. He continued to perfect his art as a hobby up until the day his parents died, when he inherited their bakery. However, it quickly became the laughingstock of the entire town as it only sold pre-bought toasted bread. His store became nearly bankrupt, and his dreams were broken. When his eldest brother Chuck heard of the mockery Theodore Olaf was making of his birthright, he got his 12 sisters to organize an angry mob and attack the store. Theodore Olaf was forced to defend himself with a butter-knife, hospitalizing all of his sisters in a fit of psychotic midget rage. However, when Theodore charged at Chuck with the blade, his brother tripped him. This caused his knife to fall into the toaster as he was holding it. He was electrocuted and died. Upon his death, he became the Geist called Toastergeist. Gifted with incredible Geistly abilities, he searches the world for advanced toaster technology.


1. Intangibility- Toastergeist can become intangible or tangible anytime he wishes. This ability is standard to all Geists.

2. Geist Sense- Toastergeist has the Geist's standard sixth sense, Geist Sense. It lets him predict incoming danger.

3. Fire and Heat Resistance- Toastergeist is unable to be harmed by fire or heat.

4. Temperature Control- Toastergeist has limited control of the temperature within a 30 yard radius. The area closest to him is easiest to control.

5. Midget Rage- Toastergeist is prone to uncontrollable fits of Midget Rage, giving him stronger attacks.


1. Geist Ray- The Geist's standard handgun. It fires green ectoplasmic energy.

2. The Toastinator- Toastergeist's main weapon. A technologically astounding military-grade toaster which Toastergeist has modified it into a highly defective electrical hazard.

3. Butterknife- A small, dull machete used to butter toast or slaughter enemies.

4. Burnt Toast- Toastergeist can use his toasters to make an unlimited amount of Burnt Toast when he sets them to the highest setting. They can then be used as projectiles that explode into black ash on contact (used to blind victims).

5. Perfectly Toasted Toast- Toastergeist can use his toasters to make an unlimited amount of Burnt Toast when he sets them to the middle setting. They can be used as a tasty distraction for his enemies.