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A tad dissapointing... 0

I sad I was going to stop The Runaways with #25. Then they had to go and throw that all out the window with the last page of that issue when the Punisher appeared. I'm a sucker for Frank. So I hung in there for one more issue. But I was let down today.I'm a words guy. A well written story can trump the art in a book for me. However, there are times when the art just doesn't "do it" for me and it's hard to make it through a book. The art in this issue really just doesn't appeal to me. Let...

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Slow build... 0

It's part 2 of the "To The Devil, His Due" storyline and I have two questions. 1) How many times has the DD series or storylines featuring DD have used "To The Devil, His Due" as a title and 2) How many purses has Daredevil saved in his career. I think Comic Vine should have a page that tallies how many purses Horn Head has saved in this career. Total for this issue: 1.Anyway, about the book, it seems as if this storyline is crawling along but not in a bad way. The tension is slowly being ra...

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