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I'm Opening For "Weird Al" on Saturday!

I was 9 when I first heard "Weird Al" Yankovic's EAT IT and became an instant fan.

In 1993, I met "Weird Al" for the first time.

In 1997, I stepped onstage for the first time as Throwing Toasters.

On June 16, 2007, Throwing Toasters opens for "Weird Al".

Saturday, June 16, 2007 - 7PM

"Weird Al" Yankovic

w/ opening act Throwing Toasters

Konocti Harbor Amphitheater

Kelseyville, CA

Tickets $35-$85

Over 10 years of dreaming of this day! Thank you to every single person who's ever believed in Throwing Toasters!

I hope I don't throw up.

I'll be posting updates on Twitter, so check it out...

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Help Me Get Work!

have you voted and commented on Dr. Floyd's entry in the Public Radio Talent Quest? I know a lot folks have, but if you haven't, PLEASE take a moment to do so. The end of Round one is coming up fast!

Head over to:

" />

REGISTER and Vote & Comment for Dr. Floyd! You MUST REGISTER to have your vote count! If you just click on the stars it does nothing! It LOOKS like you voted, but it'll then pop up a little window a few seconds later that says, "Login to make your vote count!" So Register, then Vote & Comment!

I don't know what kind of shot we have to win, but we're hoping for wider exposure at the very least!

Thank you all!

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Dr. Floyd has entered The Public Radio Talent Quest and we're hoping

you could take a minute to go vote for him and possibly leave a

comment on the site saying why you think Dr. Floyd should have a

national public radio show!

Surf on over to:

to comment and vote

You need to register for the site in order to make you vote count,

but isn't that a small price to pay to get Dr. Floyd on the radio?!

Also those with "eagle ears" will be able to figure out a future

Season 6 plot line and special guest when you listen to our


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