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My Top 6 MCU films

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  • Easily the best MCU film, a near masterpiece.

  • Great film. It was structered cleanly, the characters were great and the tone was balanced correctly like in the WS.

  • Finally the Spider-Man portrayal we've been waiting for, Tom Holland killed it. Michael Keaton was an amazing villain.

  • A solid film. Whedon did a great job, period.

  • One of the most underrated MCU films in my eyes. It had an amazing score, great action, visuals and I liked seeing a lot of Asgard AND Earth.

  • I was stuck, it was either this or GOTG. But I went with Strange because of Cumberbatch and something more unique brought into the MCU. Cumberbatch is made to be Strange, the visuals were perfection and a lovely unique way to end the villain. Im so excited for the sequel.