New 52 - Current

"THE NEW 52" - Current and Canceled

As of August 2011 to June 2013 (22 Months):

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73 Titles In all

Justice League

Justice League


The Flash

Green Arrow

Wonder Woman

Earth 2

Worlds’ Finest

Justice League of America

Justice League of America’s Vibe



Captain Atom

Justice League International

Mister Terrific

DC Universe Present’s

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man

The Savage Hawkman




Batman and Robin

Batman: The Dark Knight



Birds of Prey


Detective Comics


Red Hood and the Outlaws

Batman Incorporated




Superman Unchained



Action Comics


Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern: New Guardians

Red Lanterns


Young Justice

Teen Titans

Legion of Super Heroes


The Ravagers

Blue Beetle

Hawk and Dove

Legion Lost

Static Shock

The Edge

All-Star Western


Suicide Squad


The Green Team

The Movement



Team 7



Men of War



G.I. Combat

The Dark

Justice League Dark

Animal Man

Swamp Thing

Demon Knights

Dial H


Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger

Trinity of Sin: Pandora


I, Vampire

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

Resurrection Man

Sword of Sorcery


Hard Facts of "The NEW 52."

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Hard Facts- New 52

Analysis of the New 52 (Facts)

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As of August 2011 to June 2013 (22 Months):

- DC will have published (73) Titles under the NEW 52 Banner.

- The seven brands: Justice League, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Young Justice, Edge and Dark still intact.


- Of the original 52 titles, (33) still exist.

- DC has published (21) new titles since the original 52. (4 of these new titles have been canceled.)

- In total DC has canceled (23) titles, since the beginning.

- As of yet there has been no Superman, Batman, or Green Lantern titles canceled.


Analysis Complete Breakdown

33 Titles from the Original 52

11 are Original Batman

5 are Original Justice League

4 are Original Superman

4 are Original Green Lantern

4 are Original Dark

3 are Original Edge

2 are Original Young Justice

21 New Titles since the 52 Original (Four of those were canceled)

5 are Justice League

5 are Dark (Of those five, one were Canceled)

5 are Edge (Of those five, two were Canceled)

2 are Superman

2 are Batman

1 Green Lantern

1 Young Justice (This was canceled)

23 Canceled Titles (Looking at this "The Edge" is the most Canceled)

8 are Edge (Two were New/ Six were original)

6 are Justice League

5 are Young Justice (One were New/ Four were original)

4 are Dark (One were New/ Three were original)


Heres a list for those who want to see what all the titles consist of:


DC Tempest

DC at War

Morals On, Prep Time: 12 Hours

Must Kill or make Immobile/Ko

Rank the Teams; or Just declare the winning Team

Location: On a Planet as small as the Moon(Normal Gravity). Replicas of Gotham, Metropolis, Central City, and Star City. All Cities are on separate continents with an ocean separating them

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Team Superman (Starts near Metropolis)




Beast Boy

Plastic Man

Booster Gold





Team Batman (Starts near Gotham)




Animal Man

Captain Atom (Pre-New 52)

Terry McGinnis (BBeyond Suit)

Saint Walker (Can use Ring as though it was around a Green; Does not power up GL Ring)

Batman (Insider Suit)

Lex Luthor (Power Suit)


Team Wonder Woman (Starts near Coast City)



Wonder Woman

Black Canary

Superboy (New 52)


Sinestro (Yellow Ring)

Jacks Hawksmoore



Team Flash (Starts near Central City)


Green Arrow


Flash (Barry Allen)

Miss Martian

Ted Kord (Blue Beetle)





Team Aquaman (Starts near Coast City)

Black Adam










Team Cyborg (Starts near Central City)


Red Robin


Swamp Thing



Carol Ferris




Team GL (Starts near Metropolis)

Mr Majestic

Red Hood



John Constantine

Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle)

John Stewart




Team Martian Manhunter (Starts near Gotham)

The Eradicator







Martian Manhunter

Captain Cold


* NO ONE CAN SOLO (If a character Knocks Out more than 5 Characters they are considered Satisfied and removed from the Game)

* Characters are an Amalgam of overall knowledge of the character. Can pull from Comics (Pre-FlashPoint and New 52), or TV


Superman, Milestone and Wildstorm

Superman, Wildstorm & Milestone Characters

WOW!!! I just got finished reading articles on Ownership and Rights to characters like Superman, and Milestone Characters. Now suddenly Im starting to understand some of the poor decisions DC has made of the past two years. From their choices of changing Superman, not using as many Wildstorm characters and to barely using any MIlestone Characters.

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This all stems from DC's loss of partial rights of Superman. That unless settled with the Siegel Heirs, they will lose the use of much of Superman's origin in 2013. Such as his origin from rocketing off of the planet Krypton, Krypton exploding, Smallville, his Parents, Clark Kent identity, and even Lois Lane. So now I can understand the reasons for Ma and Pa Kent being dead if they can no longer use Smallville. The change to the Daily Planet and Superman not being with Lois. Because they can only use these properties until a certain date 2013. After that DC's hands are tied. Superman is becoming a different character in the New 52, and now I can see why. That it is to create and protect a form of Superman in the DC universe.

What got me looking into the Rights of DC characters, was the rumor that DC maybe losing the rights to the Milestone characters. With all the legal trouble they have received from the Siegel Estate, I can understand them not wanting to use other acquired properties such as Milestone and Wildstorm characters. They are trying to protect themselves from future lawsuits, and an unhappy fan base. If they placed a lot of Milestone characters in the DCnU, then they may have rip them all out of the comics at a later date. Causing an uproar among fans. And if they are already losing characters, they dont want to lose fans too.

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I am not happy with the Siegel family. They are ripping Superman in half, for their own selfish causes. It was their father who helped create the character NOT THEM, and he was paid for the character. Through their actions, they may have caused a ripple affect that has left the DC universe weaker. Imagine if DC was not scared of lawsuits and could use their characters as they see fit. They have acquired many publisher owned characters over the years. Such as Fawcett (Shazam) , Charlton (Blue Beetle & Question), Milestone (Static & Icon), Wildstorm (Mr. Majestic, & Wild C.A.T.S) , and many more. I know, we as fans always say DC doesnt give Writers the creative control they want. But now I understand that even DC is limited by the law. Until I know more about the rights, I will not complain about DC not using Milestone, Wildstorm or any other characters that DC bought the Rights too. My only hope is that all this legal issues can be resolved and we end up with all the characters we know and love.

(Maybe the Milestone thing is rumor, we can only hope)

(* This Article was also created through the help of fellow ComicVine member "Xybernauts")

Thanks Xyber for the Help


I Spy: Superman

Man of Steel

No Caption Provided

Will you help me find clues in this picture. In the Interview with Snyder and Lee, they said that there were multiple layers and easter eggs.

Some that people have already found:

- The Skull in the Top Right Corner

- "I Love Carla" above Superman's Hand on the Right side

- And this one Im just speculating at but maybe, but Is that the world "Jr." in front of Superman's Shield??

Do you guys see anything else, that may could be interpreted as something??


Death of Joker???

Batman: Death in the Family

Teen Titans #15
Teen Titans #15

- The Joker is forever changed with his face now off, the tone of his character will always be different. He can never go back to the Dangerous Prankster, that he was before.

- Could it be that the Death in the Family, actually be the Joker himself? He is part of the Batman family, even if he is a psychotic villain.

- He is as much as Batman's history, more than any other person, maybe even more than his parents.

- It would be a strange twist if his last joke, was Joker himself, its something that could shake even Batman to his very core.

Do you think its possible???


Earth 2

The Wonders

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DC's Earth Two is one of the Best Books in the New 52. So far we have seen Alan Scott(Green Lantern, Jay Garrick(The Flash), HawkGirl, Sandman, Al Pratt(Atom), Terry Sloane and Grundy. We have already seen some heroes die like Earth 2 versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. This has lead also to an Exchange between Earth 2 and the DCnU with Power Girl (Supergirl), & Huntress(Robin) and Mr. Terrific.

- What Heroes would you like to see, added to Earth 2?

- What Villains would you like to see?

- Who is going to show up soon?

- Do you like the Earth 2 Book?


Comic Book Creation

The Reader's World

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- List your monthly pull list, and share with us why buy them.

- Are there any trades your waiting for, or comics you would like to list that you just cant get right now.

- Do you like DC, Marvel or Image? ( Maybe none of those, or maybe a Mix of all)

- What comics would you like them to bring back or focus more on? ( Like I would like more focus on the RUNAWAYS?)

I need Help building a Weekly Pull list people, so give me some good ideas that I can start buying. Im used to buying and waiting for the trades. But I believe I can have a different experience with a regular Comic.

(*This is not My original Post, I decided to change it and expand on the other half later)

DC or Marvel? Other?
DC or Marvel? Other?

War of the Elite

Playstation "All-Stars" Battle Royale

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Playstation "All-Stars" Battle Royale has officially announced all 20 of its Characters:

- So that being said, Are you looking forward to this game?

- Are there characters you wished were in the game, that are not? (Downloadable Content)

I wish they added Kingdom Hearts Characters, and maybe Vampire Cole MacGraph

- Who do you look forward to playing with?

My "Top 5" are Cole MacGrath, Big Daddy, Jak & Daxter, Kratos, and prob Evil Cole

-If you only had one character to choose, Who would you play as for all time?

I would prob choose Jak & Daxter

What about you guys?


Brightest Day/Blackest Night

Continuity of The New 52

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What do y'all believe still stands as far as the New 52 and Green Lantern continuity?

- What still happened, or do you want that still happened in Brightest Day and Blackest Night, as we know it in the comics?

-Did Hal ever become Parralax and die?

-If Brightest Day still happened, as we know it, then who were the 12 risen, and their twelve labors?

-If Blackest Night still happened, as we know it, who was risen from the grave if heroes were not dead?

-Did Kyle still become Ion, if so where is Ion now?

Just a few examples, what do you guys think

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