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This is a genre moving forward 0

In a "timetraveling" series where the travelers can only travel forward in time, they find themselves getting into worse and worse locations as civilization degenerates throughout the years. The jumps go from 5 years to 1000 years without the possibility of going back. Or is there a way to get back? The comic series is a fresh idea on timetravel and easy enough for everyone to understand. The art is brilliant for an independant publisher and infact this is the first idea published by "Blue ...

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Ivar, Timewalker is worth your time 0

A timetraveling comic series written by the revived creators of Valiant. Based on the concept of the old "Timewalker" comics, Ivar Timewalker features a genius who uses timearcs to travel through time and tries to save the multiverse. The art is great and the storyline even better. Be warned though that a majority of people will most possibly need a crash course on what most of what Ivar and Neela says means as they use terms that are complicated and for people who either know a lot or have ...

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