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Definitely Wolverine.

Let me sum it up like this. Aside from Wolverine being a lot stronger, a lot more experienced, and filled with adamantium, he is by absolutely all standards invincible... In Wolverine 87 (from November 1994) Magneto ripped the adamantium from Wolverine's bones and completely overloaded his healing factor - Wolverine's response to this- heal and force Magneto to put it back. What this means is that there is nothing in the Marvel universe that can cut off any of wolverine's limbs. More than that nothing can penetrate his head to destroy his brain like some posters recommended on this thread because even the back of his eye sockets are lined with adamantium. He heals slower than deadpool sure, but not slow enough to truly see a difference.

Deadpool is a lot faster than wolverine and has a lot more weapons in his artillery but Deadpool is not invincible at all, but rather he is immortal. This might mean to you that wolverine cannot kill deadpool and you would be completely right. BUT you don't have to kill someone to beat them. Wolverine can in fact cut of Wilson's head, arms, legs, literally anything he might need to cut off to make him stop fighting. Sure he'll grow them back, but this would give wolverine more than enough time to put all deadpool's parts into a liquidizer or something to constantly kill him, therefore deadpool would be always dying yet never dead.

This is just ONE scenario, but it all comes down to the fact that that Wolverine can cut off Deadpool's limbs wwhile deadpool can only injure Wolverine a lot.