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"The Avengers" Hit the Mark 0

On a whim (and because I have the day off), myself and Comic Vine User Tomokata ( http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/tomokata/ ), decided to go see "The Avengers. She will be writing a review as well and this will be mine. So, where to start?In a word: EPIC!This is the movie that I had hoped "The Avengers" would be. It pretty much has it all! Action, Humor, catch phrases, wit and everything you expect a comic to be and they have made it into the Live Action Movie without being cheesy and certainly ...

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I'm Warming to the New 52 0

I am writing this review after having read about half of the first five issues of each of the New 52 Comics. The ones I have read in their entirety so far are Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, Green and Red Lantern books, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and so forth. My focus has been on the core characters and stories.I can pretty much sum up everything in one word. Violent. Another word would be "Sex" but I'll leave that one alone. Depends on which book you are reading.As you can se...

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Surprisingly Well Done 3

Ok, let me begin that I have not read the basis of the Crisis Comics.  Yes, I know what happens but I haven't read it in its entirety so I didn't have that to flavor my watching of this movie.  So, what did I think?    I liked it.  That's the short version.  But I'm going to start with what I didn't like, what I enjoyed so much in the Superman/Batman movie that they seemed to shy away from here.    Now, I like a good story, but one of the reasons I watch Animated Movies such as this is the actio...

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