Powerful Items of the Comics Multiverse - DC

This will be 1 Part of a 3 Part List. In essence, the original list became unwieldy. Please read the entire description before commenting!!! These are not ranked by power level.

These are weapons and items of great power both magical and technological. Though powerful in and of themselves, the way the user uses them usually defines their greatness. Batman is a prime example of this statement.

I am not classifying the items by most to least powerful but loosely by type. Also, all metals or substances will lead the list because so many of the items are powerful because of WHAT they are made of instead of what they are. A nice combo I can think of is "Nth Metal Wolverine's Claws". Just a thought.

I also tend to keep item types together by character if they use more than one, Wonder Woman and Batman coming to mind.

List items

  • When Superman's native planet was destroyed, pieces of it became irradiated by the explosion, the result is Kryptonite. Contact with, or even proximity to Kryptonite can cause injury or death to Kryptonians.

  • Once-Green Kryptonite, turned gold (possibly irradiated by nuclear explosions). It can take a Kryptonian's powers away.

  • In Pre-Crisis continuity, red kryptonite was the result of a "flock" of regular green kryptonite from the destruction of Krypton passing through a strange, red-hued cosmic cloud. The debris that made it to Earth provoked effcts on Superman that were never replicated, as he gained an "immunity" from that effect.

  • A native metal of the planet Thanagar. The metal has the ability to negate gravity, allow the user super strength, protection from the elements, superior healing and protection from heat, cold, magic, and spirits.

  • In the DC Universe, Mother Boxes are small, sentient, supercomputers primarily used by the New Gods. They have many capabilities, including transportation and energy manipulation. As they're connected to the Source, they have countless applications.

  • The father box, an Apokoliptian version of a Mother Box, first appeared in the Orion series by Simonson in 2000. Darkseid’s former aide Mortalla presents Orion with an Apokoliptian Father Box when he seemingly died. This box communicated by going "ting!" rather than "ping!", and was designed to turn him towards Darkseid.

  • More an effect than an item...but anyways...

    In the DC Universe, a boom tube is an interstellar portal used by residents of New Genesis and Apokolips.

  • Capable of healing and extending life, Ra's al Ghul is perhaps the most common user of the Pits, but Batman is in possession of one.

  • Created during the Crusades, the Suit of Sorrows gives its bearer incredible strength and speed but can also drive him insane.

  • The Dark Knight's famed costume. The regular version is a nomex survival suit woven with Kevlar and reinforced steel rivets.

  • A bat-shaped shuriken or a boomerang, primarily used by Batman and his allies.

  • The Utility Belt is easily the world's most famous gadget carrier belt available(in comics of course)

  • This is not an Item, but it is recommended reading if you are interested in the various Lantern Corps. This is their basis.


    The energies created by the emotions of sentient life, visible as different wavelengths of light. This concept appears only in the DC universe.

  • As with the Emotion Spectrum, this is not an object, but is recommended reading for those interested in the Lantern Corps in all their forms.


    The energies created by the emotions of sentient life are personified as sentient beings comprised of those energies.

  • Created by the Zamarons, an all-female offshoot of the Guardians, these gems were originally crystals which took possession of their wielders. The gems have since been crafted into violet power rings powered by love.

  • A powerful orb that had gained vast magical energies gained self-awareness as the Green Flame of Life. It eventually found its way to earth and was forged into the first Earth Green Lantern Ring used by Alan Scott.


    The ring of a Red Lantern, it is fueled by hatred and rage.

  • The Orange Lantern ring is powered by greed (avarice). The Orange Ring also has addictive side-effects that, as of yet, have gone unexplored.

  • Formerly known as a Qwardian ring, this extremely powerful object is comparable to a Green Lantern Ring.

  • The ring of a Green Lantern is the source of power and a badge of authority for almost every member of the Green Lantern Corps.

  • The Blue Lantern rings are powered by Hope and enabled by Willpower.

  • The Indigo Tribe staffs are powered by Compassion. They are used in conjunction with a power ring, but the staff is the primary source of power for a Indigo Tribesman.

  • Violet Lantern Rings are fueled by Love.

  • The Black Lantern Power Rings that were sent out have the ability to re-animate the dead. These re-animated corpses make up the Black Lantern Corps.

  • Allows the user to wield the powerful white light of life. It's limitations are currently unknown.

  • The Legion Flight Ring is the most common mode of travel used by the Legion of Super-Heroes. It's most common use is flight, but has other uses as well.

  • The Flash Costume Ring contained the costume of the second Flash (Barry Allen), other Flashes have also use the ring to hind their costume.

  • The Central Power Battery is located on the planet Oa and stands as the epitome of Maltusian science. The Central Power Battery is the reservoir of power for the emotional spectrum of willpower, and channels the energy used to empower the Green Lantern Corps. All of the green energy housed within a Green Lantern ring comes from a smaller battery, which in turn, functions as a conduit to the Central Power Battery on Oa.

  • The personal power device issued to each Green Lantern and sometimes to other Corps. The power battery serves as a power conduit to the Central Power Battery of each Corps and allows Lanterns to recharge their rings while in the field.

  • The source of power for The Sinestro Corps Ring.

  • The source of power for the Black Lantern Ring. It was formed from the corpse of The Anti-Monitor and resides on the dead world of Ryut in Sector 666.

  • Power Source of the Star Sapphire Corps

  • Created by Atrocitus, it is the power source of all the Red Lantern Rings. The battery is located on the Red Lantern Corps homeworld, Ysmault located in sector 2814.

  • The source of power for Agent Orange and the only orange power battery in the DC Universe.

  • After the events of Blackest Night, the White Power Battery emerged and crashed on Earth.

  • In addition to being able to return to her hand when thrown, the points are sharp and strong enough to cut Superman.

  • Wonder Woman's bracelets can deflect pretty much anything without a scratch, from the well known bullets to Superman's heat vision.

  • The Lasso of Truth is a weapon wielded by Wonder Woman. Anybody confined by the lasso is compelled to tell the truth.

  • The Lasso of Persuasion is a similar mystical item to Wonder Woman's and Wonder Girl's Lasso's of Truth and Lightning. The Blue Lasso possess the ability to make it's victim obey Donna Troy's commands but her willpower must be greater than the victim's.

  • Ares gave this lasso to Wonder Girl as a gift. It generates lightning depending on how angry the wielder is.

  • Cybernetic clone of He-Man built by Skeletor.

  • The magic swords that belong to He-man and She-ra. The regular one (Sword of Power) belongs to He-man, the one with the crystal one (Sword of Protection) belongs to She-ra.

  • Katana's sword that takes the soul of those it kills. Has been with her since her origin

  • The Sword was forged by four powerful gods in Crete, over a thousand years ago. The Sword is powerful enough to kill gods and has been in the possession of Demetrios for centuries. It has granted him many super powers.

  • The Anti-Life Equation is a formula that saps beings of their free will through an equation that makes life, hope and freedom irrefutably pointless.

  • A place that exists outside of time and space. Created around 5,000 years ago from two rocks. One from Heaven, the other from Hell. Home of the wizard Shazam, The Rock of Eternity was recently destroyed by the Spectre, but has since been reconstituted.

  • A suit of powered armor worn by Lex Luthor when engaging in a direct confrontation with the enemy.

  • Book of Parallax. Protected by Lyssa Drak of the Sinestro Corps.

  • The Book of Oa is a massive tome, located on Oa. In it is the history of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Green Lantern Corps. The current keeper of the book is Salaak.

  • The Book of the Black is known as "The Ultimate Facilitator of The Blackest Night". Hidden deep within the depths of Oa, the future events this unholy tomb reveals through certain rituals is being written in preparation for The Blackest Night by a traitorous Guardian of the Universe called Scar.

  • A book that contains all knowledge in the universe, past, present and future. Its weight is borne by none other than Destiny of the Endless.

  • The H-Dial, or HERO Dial has been used by several to temporarily gain superpowers; however, it is a dangerous object and has been misused a number of times.

  • The trick arrow is an item that comes in various forms that can be used for a number of situations. Trick Arrows give Archers in the Comic Universe the advantage they need to fight alongside (or against) super-powered beings.

  • A time bubble can carry a small group of people through time and space. In pre-crisis continuity, the time bubble was given to the Legion of Super-Heroes by R.J. Brande. A Time bubble is also commonly used by Rip Hunter.

  • The Cosmic Rod was developed by Ted Knight, the first Starman, to collect energy radiating from the stars.

  • Made as a weapon always on hand to stop Superman.

  • The Emerald Eye of Ekron was the right eye of Ekron, who now seeks to regain his eye. It is possessed by the Emerald Empress, and is the source of her power.

  • A super steroid that grants the user super strength and instantaneous muscle enhancement.

  • Captain Cold's signature weapon. It shoots a wide-beam "Cold Field" that instantly freezes anything in its path to Absolute Zero (-273.15 degrees celcius).

  • Created by Professor Ivo with revolutionary Absorption Cell Technology. This android can replicate the powers of any metahuman he encounters.

  • Also known as the Helmet of Nabu. Used by Doctor Fate.