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Powerful Items from the Comics Multiverse

This list contains an overall look at Powerful Items in no particular order other than I try to group them by "type" and what they are made of. An example would be Thor's Hammer and Uru Metal. Well, they are close together. They ARE NOT ranked by Power. I have also broken this list into Marvel, DC and Other. Check those lists out for more specific by "Universe" and feel free to make recommendations, but please do so in those specific lists. Have a nice day and enjoy.

List items

  • The Beatrice Medallion was given to Belasco to enable the ascension of the Elder Gods. In Illyana Rasputin (Magik) he found the intended, pure, victim.

  • Magical Armor worn mainly by Illyana Rasputin and Amanda Sefton.

    Eldritch Armor is armor that is summoned whenever Illyana Rasputin uses her Soulsword.

  • A magical weapon created from the purest part of Illyana Rasputin's soul during her stay in Limbo.

    The Soulsword

    The Soulsword is the ultimate embodiment of Illyana's magical strength. Forged during a time of great need and despair. Illyana was desperate to find a way to free herself of Belasco and find a way to leave Limbo.

  • Stormbreaker is the enchanted hammer that is carried by Beta Ray Bill. It's enchantments give Beta Ray the same powers as Thor.

  • The magic hammer wielded by Thor that grants him many of his powers and abilities. Mjolnir can only be wielded by those that are deemed "worthy".

  • The highly durable, mystical Asgardian Ore best known for making up Thor's hammer.

    Properties & Characteristics

    Uru is a metal that is highly immalleable. It resembles stone but it also seems to have metallic properties. Its luster has been described as "badly wrought iron". It often requires extreme methods for objects to be forged from it (i.e. the heart of a star or an enchanted forge). But because of this, weapons that was made by this metal, especially the enchanted ones, are resilient to most forms of damage.

    Uru was easy to enchant. It seems able to store most energies, particularly magic. When Uru is enchanted, it becomes much more durable. Uru is not only easy to enchant, but also absorbs magic like a sponge, redirecting it and enhancing the natural attributes of his wielder.

    The symbiotic relationship between Uru and its wielder works both ways: a mystical user, such as Thor, can lend to the Uru in his weapon his own strength, in the process making the metal stronger and more resilient.

    It is unique to the Asgard dimension. Due to this and its extreme resilience and ability to hold enchantment, it is often forged into the finest weapons for the warriors of Asgard.

  • The Witchblade is the offspring of the primal forces of the universe. The Darkness and the Angelus. It is male and almost always chooses a female host.It is semi organic and reacts supernaturally to threats. It is able to grant its host a variety of weapons and can heal the host.

  • The Angelus is the Primal Force of Light that represents totalitarian order and purity. She is engaged in an eternal war with her polar opposite, the Darkness. However, the two forces are balanced by their offspring, the Witchblade.

  • The Darkness power allows the wielder to create anything they desire.

    This includes everything from solid constructs such as armor and weaponry to living, sentient beings controlled by the Darkness. One of the most common manifestations of the darkness includes darkness armor around Jackie as well as demon-like creatures to do his bidding. A primary weakness of the Darkness is that it only functions in the absence of light. When light hits anything created of the Darkness it vanishes, and Jackie cannot access his power in the light. This leaves Jackie particularly vulnerable to attack during the day.

    Jackie, and all wielders of the Darkness, pass on the Darkness to their heirs through sex. Upon the conception of their child they die, so males in Jackie's family generally die during intercourse. This is quite the burden on Jackie, who lost his virginity at 14 to a female police officer on the interrogation desk.

  • Captain America's only weapon and protection, the shield has become the symbol and embodiment of justice and patriotism

  • Sort of an Item - It qualifies as OTHER and POWERFUL. Non-living.

    Cybernetic clone of He-Man built by Skeletor.

    Faker is an exact replica of He-Man built by Skeletor, except he has blue skin and orange hair. His purpose was to infiltrate the Masters.

  • Capable of healing and extending life, Ra's al Ghul is perhaps the most common user of the Pit, but Batman is in possession of one.

  • The Dark Knight's famed costume. The regular version is a nomex survival suit woven with Kevlar and reinforced with steel rivets. Originally created by Bruce Wayne. Following Bruce's "death", Dick Grayson is currently wearing it.

    The suit is simply a nomex survival body-stocking enhanced with Kevlar weave and steel rivets. It has been colored either gray or black in several incarnations. On the chest is the suit's foremost feature, the striking symbol of a bat. This has been within a yellow shield or just on its own, as a black bat symbol.

  • A bat-shaped shuriken or a boomerang, primarily used by Batman and his allies.

  • A native metal of the planet Thanagar. The metal has the ability to negate gravity, allow the user super strength, protection from the elements, superior healing and protection from heat, cold and magic.

  • Created by the Zamarons, an all-female offshoot of the Guardians, these gems were originally crystals which took possession of their wielders. The gems have since been crafted into violet power rings powered by love.

  • The Central Power Battery is located on the planet Oa and stands as the epitome of Maltusian science. The Central Power Battery is the reservoir of power for the emotional spectrum of willpower, and channels the energy used to empower the Green Lantern Corps. All of the green energy housed within a Green Lantern ring comes from a smaller battery, which in turn, functions as a conduit to the Central Power Battery on Oa.

  • Formerly known as a Qwardian ring, this extremely powerful object is comparable to a Green Lantern Ring.

    Unlike the Green Rings of the Corps which operate by channeling pure willpower, these rings which are forged on Qward channel pure fear. Several versions of these rings have been created, but recently they have become the primary weapon of the Sinestro Corps, seeking out individuals to battle the Green Lantern Corps who have the ability to instill great fear.

  • The Utility Belt is easily the world's most famous gadget carrier belt available(in comics of course)

  • In the DC Universe, a boom tube is an interstellar portal used by residents of New Genesis and Apokolips.

  • The Lasso of Truth is a weapon wielded by Wonder Woman. Anybody confined by the lasso is compelled to tell the truth.

  • The ring of a Green Lantern is the source of power and a badge of authority for almost every member of the Green Lantern Corps.

  • The source of power for The Sinestro Corps Ring.

    Originally, the Sinestro Corps Central Power Battery was built on Qward.

  • The source of power for the Black Lantern Ring. It was formed from the corpse of The Anti-Monitor and resides on the dead world of Ryut in Sector 666.

  • The Black Lantern Power Rings that were sent out have the ability to re-animate the dead. These re-animated corpses make up the Black Lantern Corps.

  • The mysterious white power ring first appeared in "Blackest Night" #7 when Sinestro bonded with The Entity to become the first White Lantern. The full extent of the ring's powers and capabilities are currently unknown but will be explored in "Brightest Day."

  • The Orange Lantern ring is powered by greed (avarice). The Orange Ring also has addictive side-effects that, as of yet, have gone unexplored.

  • The source of power for Agent Orange and the only orange power battery in the DC Universe.

  • The Quantum Bands are a pair of alien artifacts that give the wearer a variety of powers. Also known as: The Power-Bands of Rinn, or the Uranian Power-Bands.

  • A Cosmic Cube is a matrix containing massive cosmic power. Anyone in possession of a cosmic cube can use it to reshape reality.

  • The strongest man-made metal in the Marvel Universe.

  • Power Source of the Star Sapphire Corps

    Located on Zamaron in Space Sector 1418, the Central Battery houses the power source of the Star Sapphire Corps - a male and female encased in crystal, locked in a lovers embrace for all eternity. Zamaron is also where Star Sapphires will take female prisoners (such as female Sinestro Corps members) to be encased in violet crystals and be converted to the Star Sapphire Corps.

    The Black Lantern Corps destroyed the battery by ripping out the eternel love - Khufu and Chay-ara - that powers the Star Sapphire Corps.

  • The Eye of Agamotto is a mystical artifact in the Marvel Universe used by the Sorcerer Supreme. It recently abandoned Stephen Strange to join Brother Voodoo, thereby proclaiming him as the new Sorcerer Supreme.

  • The legendary sword of King Arthur

  • The nega-bands are a Kree weapon worn by Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell, Genis-Vell, and Phyla-Vell). Genis & Mar-Vell were linked to Rick Jones, allowing the two to switch places when the bands are struck together.

  • In the DC Universe, Mother Boxes are small, sentient, supercomputers primarily used by the New Gods. They have many capabilities, including transportation and energy manipulation. As they're connected to the Source, they have countless applications.

  • The Blue Lantern rings are powered by Hope and enabled by Willpower.

    Abilities of the Rings

    As a conduit of power from the blue range of the emotional spectrum, the Blue Power rings have a number of abilities akin to those of other Lantern Rings. The Ring is a source of limitless power, and thus there is no limit to what it can do, but here are some abilities it has been shown to have. The only limitation with the Blue Lantern Ring is that it is basically useless when not in the presence of a Green Lantern. In such situations, the rings can only enable Blue Lanterns to fly and be protected from the ravages of space.

  • The ring of a Red Lantern, it is fueled by hatred and rage.


    A red ring feeds on the rage of its user, and is charged by the blood of those the user kills. Red rings constantly emit words such as "Kill", "Rage", "Pain", "Hatred", "Blood", and "Burn".

  • Violet Lantern Rings are fueled by Love.

    Origins & History

    The Violet Lantern Corps originated on planet Zamaron under the moniker Star Sapphire. Their corps originally consisted of Zamarons and a few select human females (i.e. Carol Ferris), but now the corps has expanded operations and is looking for Lanterns across the universe. Their power is based on Love. Moto: "For hearts long lost and full of fright for those alone in blackest night accept our ring and join are fight love conquers all with violet light!!" So far, this corps has been shown to be entirely made up of females.

  • Created by Atrocitus, it is the power source of all the Red Lantern Rings. The battery is located on the Red Lantern Corps homeworld, Ysmault located in sector 2814.

  • The personal power device issued to each Green Lantern and sometimes to other Corps. The power battery serves as a power conduit to the Central Power Battery of each Corps and allows Lanterns to recharge their rings while in the field.

  • After the events of Blackest Night, the White Power Battery emerged and crashed on Earth.

    The white power battery was created in Blackest Night #8 after the White Lantern Corps defeated Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps. It is currently unknown how or why it was created. Its power and location is also unknown although DC solicits claim that it'll play a big role in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps during Brightest Day.

    In Brightest Day #0, it was revealed that the white power battery had landed in Silver City, New Mexico. It was found by Sinestro. In Green Lantern #53, the white power battery remains unmoved. Sinestro traveled to Coast City to find Hal Jordan. He informed Jordan that the Entity is asking for him.

  • Created by an Inhuman geneticist named Randac, the Terrigen Mists accelerate genetic advances. Inhumans are exposed to the mists when they come of age. Each experiences different results.

  • The Phoenix Blade contains a portion of the Phoenix Force within it and grants its wielder immeasurable power.

  • Two swords forged by Muramasa, the first one contains a piece of his own soul and the second one contains part of Wolverine's.

    Black Blade:

    The first Muramasa Blade(the Black Blade) was created centuries ago by Muramasa. When Muramasa forged the weapon, he literally placed a piece of his own soul into it. In this act, the blade became filled with mystical powers. As a result, whoever wielded this deadly weapon would be granted superhuman abilities. The wielder would then possess invulnerability and superhuman strength. However, these abilities came at a price. If the wielder of the Muramasa Blade possesses it for too long, then he/she will become overwhelmed by Muramasa's mad soul.

    Wolverine's Blade:

    Muramasa created the seconed blade for Wolverine. Muramasa did this because he wanted to exact revenge upon the people who killed his wife, Itzu. This blade is made of the same unknown material as the first, and it is just as indestructible. Unlike the first blade, however, the second blade can prevent healing factors. For example, when Wolverine wielded his Muramasa blade against Sabretooth, the blade's powers inhibited the use of Creed's (Sabretooth) healing abilities. The blade was broken and Daken's wrist claws when coated with the metal. Wolverine removed Daken's Muramasa claws and buried them with the Muramasa blade in an unknown location.

  • A weapon in the Star Wars Universe associated with the Jedi and the Sith.

  • The magic swords that belong to He-man and She-ra.The regular one belongs to He-man, the one with the crystal belongs to She-ra.They can form together to form one huge magical sword.

  • Katana's sword that takes the soul of those it kills. Has been with her since her origin

  • The Black Knight's sword. It can cut through anything and it has several magical properties.

  • A Chaos forged black blade capable of draining the soul of those slaying by it.

    Stormbringer is a tremendously powerful sword. Like the Ebony Blade from Marvel comics it can cut through most substances and can withstand any impact, along with that the vampiric blade can drain the soul of those it kills. To be more precise a single cut from the blade is enough for it to devour the soul of the wounded person. Along with that some amount of vital energy is transferred through the blade and into the user. Under a weak user the can control his of her actions and even the strongest wielders may sometimes encounter a moment of mental weakness which the blade will use to its advantages.

    The blade itself has a "brother", or as close as a weapon can get, Mournblade. Mournblade, is capable of all the same actions as Stormbringer, the only difference it wielder were weaker.

  • The Infinity Gauntlet is a cosmic artifact that grants the wearer complete mastery over the six infinity gems in it: time, space, power, soul, mind, and reality granting omnipotence, and omniscience to the bearer.

  • The Anti-Life Equation is a formula that saps beings of their free will through an equation that makes life, hope and freedom irrefutably pointless.

  • A place that exists outside of time and space. Created around 5,000 years ago from two rocks. One from Heaven, the other from Hell. Home of the wizard, The Rock of Eternity was recently destroyed by the Spectre, but has since been reconstituted.

    A nexus of power, it channels the power to all those who were empowered by Shazam, Captain Marvel is its Guardian and it is his job to keep the power and magic of Earth in balance. It is also where the Seven Deadly Sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride) are imprisoned.

  • The Super Soldier Serum is the name of a fictional compound (originally part of process) in the Marvel Universe. It enhances baseline humans to the peak of human potential, both mentally and physically. The most famous and successful recipient of the process is Steve Rogers, aka. Captain America.

  • Apocalypse is a sword that was created from pure chaos.

    Forged by Cremator for his mistress, Apocalypse replaces Lady Death's previous sword Nightmare.

  • The original sword of Lady Death

    Darkness was Lady Death's original sword and it was forged for her by Cremator, Hells Blacksmith. Lady Death would use it to kill Lucifer (or so she thought) and rule over Hell. It is destroyed in Asgard by one of Genocide's minions.

  • Nightmare is a living sword that was created by the Asgardian Brock.

    Nightmare replaces Lady Death's previous sword that was broken during the Crucible. The blade is a vampire blade and always seeks to take lives.

    Should someone master and discard the blade, they become immune to it.

    When Lady Death discards the blade Purgatori later claims the blade for her own.

  • Death Scythe is a symbol and a weapon wielded by Death, one of Apocalypse's four horsemen.

    Currently wielded by Lady Death

  • The Infinity Gems are six precious stones of cosmic origin that give the possessor mastery over a certain power. Collecting and using all six gems will give the wielder omnipotence.

  • The Sword was forged by four powerful gods in Crete, over a thousand years ago. The Sword is powerful enough to kill gods and has been in the possession of Demetrios for centuries. It has granted him many super powers.

  • The Sword Of Doom was made by Surtur and is used as his weapon of destruction. It is also known as Twilight Sword.

  • Sword of purity,

  • Dragonfang is the sword wielded by the Asgardian goddess and adventurer Valkyrie

  • Odin's personal weapon

    The Odinsword is far more powerful than Gungnir and Mjolnir. Having capabilities to channel the Odinforce and the life force of it wielder and beyond that it can increase it size as when the Destroyer being powered up by the combine spirit of Asgard wield it and was capable of slicing off the arm of a Celestial. Even Galactus of another universe feed on the sword and noursh him like eating several planets.


    The Odinsword is tremendously old and strong forge in ways now lost and capable of wistanding any impact and cutting through all know material even a Celestial's armor.

  • The fate of this world balances upon thirteen objects of power. Thirteen artifacts, each in the possession of a bearer. Separately, 13 Artifacts guide the fate of the universe. Together, 13 artifacts will end the universe. The 13 artifacts that exist in the Top Cow Universe.

  • The Spear of Destiny is a magic item that was used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ.

  • The Blood Sword is one of 13 Top Cow artifacts

    Being one of the 13 artifacts The Blood Sword is an old item. At its forging, a shaman summoned up a demon and then captured its essence, then shackled it to the blade. The blade brings great power at the cost of hunger for carnage, the wielder is bound to the blade and compelled to sate its hunger.

  • One of the 13 Artifacts

    The Glacier Stone is a relic, 1 of 13 Artifacts, which like The Darkness and The Angelus, it is in total opposition of the Stone of Ember. The Glacier Stone signifies ice and cold, while the Stone of Ember represents heat and fire. But besides that being their only reason for conflict, the main reason is that one represents creation and the other destruction. Michael Finnegan is the present weilder of this relic.

  • One of the 13 Artifacts

    The Ember Stone is 1 of 13 Artifacts similar to The Darkness and The Angelus in that it is in constant opposition with the Glacier Stone. The Ember Stone represents fire, while the Glacier Stone signifies ice. Besides being elemental opposites, that is not the only reason for their quarrel, because one represents creation and the other destruction. Glorianna Silver currently wields the stone.

  • One of Top Cow's 13 Artifacts. Balance of Ember Stone and Glacier Stone.

    Pandora's Box is one of the 13 Artifacts. It is also known as Obsidian Stone and Odin's ring.

  • The Rapture is a gateway between hell and earth. It can give hope or take it away, giving hope in hell means release from that dimension. Those who look through the rapture can see true nature of things. The Rapture needs a human host to work.

  • One of Top Cow's 13 artifacts. It resided in hell.

    Not happy about the new Angelus - Danielle Baptiste; Sabine sent some of the Angelus Warriors to hell to retrieve the Wheel of Shadows, to become it's wielder.

  • One of the 13 artifacts, powers currently unknown.

    Coin of Solomon is one of the 13 artifacts.

    Coin of Solomon was found on one of the crime scenes by Sara Pezzini and Jake McCarthy. Jake picked it up and it merged with his forearm. Pezzini's Witchblade reacted quickly and forced the Coin out of Jake's body. Some random bystander then found it in the hallway, where it landed and took it for his own. The bystander never returned to his home that night; his and that of Coin of Solomon's fate and location is unknown.

  • The most mysterious of the 13 Artifacts. "Without it, the others are merely trinkets. With it, the thirteen can be one again, and the world will be created anew."

    Very little about the last of the Thirteen Artifacts has been revealed. Its true name, appearance, and location are unknown. However, that won't stop Aphrodite IV from searching for it.

  • Sort of an item. Read on...

    Vox is a time traveler, he escaped his own time to prevent his death penalty for killing last Witchblade bearer who was Rayla's grandmother.

    An entity formed from bonding Darkness and Witchblade to a single wielder.

  • A legendary sword.

    Ages ago, there was a conflict between the Olympian and Japanese Gods. Both Zeus and Amatsu-Mikaboshi asked the Blacksmith to forge great weapons for them that would help them win the war.

    The Blacksmith forged two swords: Kusanagi or Grasscutter for Amatsu-Mikaboshi and Godkiller for Zeus. As years went by Godkiller was lost.

  • In myth this sword was wielded by Lucifer himself, in war against God. Michael knocked the sword from Lucifer and it fell to earth. It draws it's power directly from hell.

    As it is a weapon it can be wielded by anyone, and used for good and for evil. On the year 359 it was in the hands of Gideon the Dragonslayer. Gideon faced against Zara the Queen of Bones, a wielder of Witchblade but still lost the fight. Gideon's next battle with the sword was against the wielder of Darkness. In a fight Darkness wielder is pierced by the sword and when he takes the sword for himself, he is knocked down to the chasm along with the sword.

    The sword lies in the chasm until present day. Lara Croft gets a request from her old master to seek it out. She journeys to ruins of dark castle of Aquintane, and retrieves the sword. Then the master reveals himself to be Gideon.

  • I love this sword.

    The Sword of Omens is the one thing that holds all the Thundercats powers.

    The Sword of Omens is the one thing that holds all the Thundercats powers. In the center of the sword (between the handle and the blade) lies the Eye of Thundera. A mystical jewel that is red with a black strip down the middle (a cat's eye).

    Once thought that if destroyed it would be the end of all the Thundercats. It has been passed down to all that are found worthy of handling the sword. Usually, it’s been the Kings of Thundera that have carried the sword.

    Lion-o’s father in a final effort to save his son and the sword gave the sword to Jaga to guard until Lion-o was of age to rule. The sword is of great mystery and can be used for many of things:

    - The sword can summon the Thundercats.

    - It can also protect the hold with a force field.

    - The sword is always sharp. It has been know to cut through the strongest of stone.

    - When called upon the Eye sends a raw power up through the blade. Sending a very damaging affect when hits it mark.

    Thinking the Sword of Omens was the only power of the Thundercats, the Thundercats later found out that the sword was only the beginning...

  • In the Apocalypse texts, the sacred sword is the sword used to launch chastisements on human beings. It symbolizes the will of God.

    In Shinto’s texts, the sacred sword is a goshintai. A goshintai is a sacred and hidden object. Goshintai are placed and venerated in Shinto’s Shrine because the goshintai becomes an incarnation of the Shrine’s god during rituals. Goshintai are terrestrial bodies of substitution for Japanese gods.

  • An ancient Shosei sword which is believed to house the souls of the deceased Shosei priestesses.

  • Altwaal's Weapons total seven in number, and each contains either fantastic destructive power, or vast defensive energy. The seven weapons were disseminated to others when Altwaal withdrew from Elysia

  • Aphordite IX a beautiful gynoid assassin whose memory is purged after every hit to protect her masters.


    Aphrodite IX is the latest android in the Aphrodite Series. She frequently on assassination missions and upon completion her memory is purged to protect her clients. This has a tendency to

    making her job confusing as she begins to question what she does for a living and for who she does it.

  • Anthony "Tony" Stark has designed and built a variety of armors which he uses as Iron Man. Their appearance and capabilities are continually evolving as Tony modifies and upgrades his technology.

  • The Forbidden Book of Shadows is the item which plays a big role during the Witch War story arc of Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, as it is the key to the darkest of magicks and was never to be used.

  • The Power Cosmic is a fictional force that is primary wielded by Galactus, giving a small amount to his heralds that helps him satisfy his hunger.

  • A powerful orb that had gained vast magical energies gained self-awareness as the Green Flame of Life. It eventually found its way to earth and was forged into the first Earth Green Lantern Ring used by Alan Scott.

  • Designated as Spider-Man Armored Fighting Suit Version 1.1, the Iron Spider was given by Iron Man as a gift to Peter Parker after "the Other". Now it's being used by the clones of Initiative member MVP, the Scarlet Spiders.

  • Spider-Man's main defensive weapon and tool.

  • A spider with DNA so tweaked out that biting Peter Parker turned the teen into the amazing Spider-Man.

  • Cerebro (now known as Cerebra) is a large computer device inside the X-Mansion that acts as a conduit and magnifier for telepaths. It is used primarily as a way to locate mutants.

  • Wonder Woman's bracelets can deflect pretty much anything without a scratch, from the well known bullets to Superman's heat vision.

  • In addition to being able to return to her hand when thrown, the points are sharp and strong enough to cut Superman.

  • The H-Dial, or HERO Dial has been used by several to temporarily gain superpowers; however, it is a dangerous object and has been misused a number of times.

  • The Soul gem has the ability to take any soul.

  • The power gem allows the user to potentially manipulate all the power and energy in the universe that has, or ever will exist. The Power Gem augments the users physical attributes, such as strength and durability, to near infinite levels, and with mastery can allow the user to mimic the effects of energy based superpowers. full mastery would see the user become invincible in terms of brute power. When combined with the other infinity gems the power gem greatly enhances their effects. Originally held by Champion until Thanos defeated him and took it from him during Thano's Quest. It is currently in the hands of Reed Richards.

  • A communications device used by the Exiles that enables them to teleport between the realities of the Marvel Omni-verse. The Tallus is generally worn by the leaders of each Exiles team.

  • Known as the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, designated JRXL-1000, Tony Stark designed the War Machine to deal with threat of the Masters of Silence but then built a version specifically for Rhodey.

  • The Green Goblin's primary mode of transport. Eventually he would be impaled on it when he was trying to kill Spider-Man. Aside from the Green Goblin, the Goblin Glider was also used by the Hobgoblin, Demogoblin, and Menace.

  • Dr. Octopus's arms are his primary weapon and able to control each of them through a special link. They are capable of both great strength and delicate procedures.