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Powerful Beings who would make Ugly Enemies!

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  • Enemy - They disagree on method and execution.

    The mightiest warrrior of heaven and protector of Jerusalem,Michael the ArcAngel is one of God's greatest creations.Before the fall Michael would worship God along with the two morning stars. But then Lucifer began to hate God and his son Jesus.

    Before God created man Lucifer tempted Michael to turn against God but Michael endured,even when a third of God's holy angels turned their backs to him.Michael stood with God when Lucifer made war in heaven and strived to recieve God's tthrone.Eventually Lucifer was cast out of heaven unto the earth which is where he set up his kingdom and decieved Eve and Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

    Michael stood against Lucifer strongly even fought him after the death of Moses.

    Although Michael stayed loyal to God he never understood why Lucifer was allowed into heaven and why he was allowed to afflict pain on Job.

    Michael and Gabriel never stopped protecting Israel.

  • Michael Demiurgos is a member of the Heavenly Host of Yahweh and is often described as the mightiest of all the beings god ever created thanks to his demiurgic power. However, the perhaps more renown being is his twin brother, Samael, otherwise known as Lucifer Morningstar.

  • The ArcAngel Cameron is a great angel of heaven who has defeated many demons in his lifetime. Always ready with sword in hand, Cameron often uses the word of God even while in battle, believing it to be his greatest strength. Cameron always speaks the truth. Cameron is also Commander Kai's

  • Highly decorated Commander of angels Kai is a valiant fighter and an excellent battle strategist. Kai has vowed to defeat the armies of hell and restore mankind to their rightful place as the sons of God.

  • Also listed under POWER BEINGS ALLIED - Depends on the situation

    Selene is the oldest living mutant born 17,000 years ago. She was also the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. And trying to become a goddess, through the life absorption of mutants.

  • Shiro was tempted by Lucifer in heaven at the time of the fall.Like Dareus and Cameron he too resisted but it took a heavier toll on him.Thousands of years later Shiro is under the command of Kai.often times his missions are too complex for him to face the challenges alone.

  • Dareus is one of the strongest in Heaven, he was called by Kai to assist Cameron in his mission. That was to stop any demon from getting near Justun and ultimately stopping Justin from committing suicide.

  • Asmodel was one of the Four most respected Angels in Heaven. However he rebelled against Heaven and became a Servant of the Demon, Neron.

  • The younger sister of the mutants Colossus and Mikhail Rasputin, Illyana is a mutant teleporter, sorceress, and the ruler of Limbo. Currently, she seeks to reclaim her soul.

  • Legion is the son of Professor X and Gabrielle Haller. Legion was a schizophrenic, and his different personalities have access to different powers.

  • Majeston Zelia is the ruler of the Dark Gods and a major enemy of Odin.

    Majeston Zelia has a great number of abilities. She can shoot energy blasts from her hands, fly and siphon energy from other gods (notably Odin). She supposedly has "infinite vision", allowing her to see persons and events far removed from her physical body. She can summon the Dark Gods to temporarily merge in a single body.

  • Slototh is one of the Dark Gods, the living embodiment of "Muck, Slime, Excrement, Filth, Sludge" and "All that is discarded". He is in charge of the slave labor force serving his race.

  • Tserron was a member of the Dark Gods. She was the wife of Perrikus. She was encountered on Lonkarr's scout mission, when he was sent by Odin to explore. He battled her, and eventually slew her with his sword. Lonkarr's discovery, and subsequent return to tell Odin of it, led to the first war between the Dark Gods and Asgardians. Tserron displayed the ability of shooting energy blasts, teleportation, and an undefined degree of super strength.

  • Dark God

    D'Chel is a master of illusion, able to trick the senses of God-Heads such as Odin and Zeus. He was never seen in physical combat.

  • Perrikus is a warrior who joined the Dark Gods. He is fierce, strong, and almost indestructible.

  • Adva is one of the Dark Gods and the "Master of the Continuum Gates". She is able to teleport herself and considerable cargo across the universe. She also has the ability to see through the gates, casting her gaze everywhere in a manner of seconds. Making both the trader and information master of the Dark Gods.

  • Tokkots was a large winged Dark God, who always spoke in rhyme. He went to Earth and battled Thor and Spider-man, and brought back the information Thor was alive. He subdued Jake Olsen and brought him before Perrikus. He was killed by Replicus moments before he could slay Odin.

    Tokkots was always very bloodthirsty, always wanting to kill anyone he could. He was also quite tall, with exceptional strength and durability. He could rot things with his touch, and make copies of himself, which apparently all shared one mind. His wings allowed him the power of flight as well.

  • Hela is the Norse Goddess of Death and ruler of Hel and Niffleheim.

  • Loki is the Asgardian god of Mischief, the adopted son of Odin and Thor's arch enemy. also the True founder of the Avengers.

  • Pandora was modeled by Hephaestus in the likeness of Aphrodite. He carved her out of a block of white marble, made her lips of red rubies and her eyes of sparkling sapphires. Athena breathed life into her and dressed her in elegant garments. Aphrodite decked her with jewels and fixed her red mouth in a winning smile. Into the mind of this beautiful creature, Zeus put the insatiable curiousity, and then he gave her a sealed jar and warned her never to open it.

  • Ares is the Greek god of war. He is currently a deceased member of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers.

  • The Demi-god son of Ares, god of war.

  • An ancient cosmic race that used their godlike abilities to experiment on lower life forms. They are responsible for mankind's potential to gain superhuman powers.

  • Sabina De La Croix - Sometimes Ally

    Sabina is a sorceress appointed by the Council of Merlin to obtain the powers of Shazam.

  • Treat as DEVIL/DEMON of Great Power.

    Apocalypse is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, describing himself as a savior of his kind. His self-proclaimed mission is to separate the strong mutants that will live and the weak ones that should perish.


    Apocalypse begins to gather the Twelve. A group of mutants that he wants to drain and use their powers to amplify his own. The twelve mutants are Magneto, Cable, the Living Monolith, Charles Xavier, Sunfire, Polaris, Bishop, Cyclops, Iceman, Storm, Jean Grey, and Mikhail Rasputin.

  • Power Being - TREAT AS DEMON/DEMONIC for Evil.

    Doomsday was built to survive at all costs. Created millenia ago, his cruel and inhumane upbringing and long history of battle have made him a ruthless monster. He is most famous for being responsible for the Death of Superman.

    A Doomsday Demon...scary thought.

  • The Dark Riders, originally called the Riders of the Storm, were created to uphold Apocalypse's view of "survival of the fittest" by challenging other mutants.

    The Dark Riders were a group of mutants, mainly Inhumans, who were Apocalypse's foot soldiers who strongly viewed his "survival of the fittest" ways.

  • One of Cronus's children, he gave Devastation the gift of a strategic mind.

    The brains behind the Children of Cronus, Arch was a master strategist. He was defeated by Athena after the Gods of Mount Olympus struck back against Cronus.

  • Member of the Bull Host.

  • Sometimes ENEMY, Sometimes ALLY - Situational...

    Black Alice is an anti-hero with magical powers, who uses those powers to protect her hometown of, Dayton, Ohio.

    Black Alice has the ability to borrow the powers of any magical being for a short while, Black Alice must also be able to see the person to borrow their specific powers, or she may end up with anybody's magic ablity. When Black Alice takes the powers of another her clothes transform to a combination of their clothes and her own gothic attire. Black Alice has been shown to take two peoples powers at once, and use her own magic abilities.

  • Child of Cronus and Living Weapon

  • Vox is a time traveler, he escaped his own time to prevent his death penalty for killing last Witchblade bearer who was Rayla's grandmother.

    An entity formed from bonding Darkness and Witchblade to a single wielder.

    Tarsem Vox had killed Witchblade bearer in his time: in a society where Witchblade's bearer is worshiped, that was most heinous crime. He escaped his punishment by going back in time, he however wasn't able to control that leap and ended up tens of thousands year in a past.

  • War Angel is a woman whose age has amassed to thousands of years. She has no conscience causing her to have an fierce anger and love for chaos.

  • The ruler of the alien race the Trojans.

    Armageddon was the being that gave Agamemnon the technology that allowed him to become immortal in exchange for rights to taking any of his offspring. He had one son named Trauma who was infatuated with the Pantheon member Atalanta so they took her as part of the deal with Agamemnon. But Agamemnon hadn't told anyone about the deal so the then leader of the Pantheon, the Hulk went after Trauma and killed him in battle. Lord Armageddon swore revenge on Hulk and came to earth months later and took over the arctic sanctuary Freehold. He forced the Hulk to be the power source for the Leader's resurrection machine in hopes that it would kill him. Hulk overloaded the machine and it incinerated Trauma's body. Armageddon let Hulk go but after he left he destroyed Freehold and killed everybody living in it.

  • Trauma is a hated enemy of the Pantheon of which the Hulk was a member. He has fought the Hulk there.

    Trauma was the prince of an advanced warrior alien race called the Troyjans. He was infatuated with one of the members of the Pantheon, Atalanta, and pursued her tirelessly. But because she rejected him he chose to take her by force, going so far as to shoot down her ship and nearly kill her on many occasions. This put him in conflict with the Hulk, during their first battle he catches the Hulk by suprise and nearly kills him. He eventually pleads with his father to use their deal with the Pantheon leader Agamemnon to take her without resistance and he agrees.

  • Ragnarok is a cyborg clone of Thor created by Tony Stark, Criti Noll and Reed Richards.

  • Mordru is the most prominent Lord of Chaos. He is indirectly responsible for the recent destruction of the of the Rock of Eternity, and apparently directly responsible of the corruption of Hawk.

  • Elders and Gods who create chaos in the DC universe and their agents.

  • Was born a normal Eternal, and managed to increase his life force exponentially to a cosmic scale.


    Kronos possesses a level of intelligence that ranks far above superhuman, as well as telepathy, and cosmic awareness. He can evidently exert control over the souls of deceased mortals, even to the extent of using them to animate artificial bodies, which he can create from inanimate matter. Kronos has also become one of the embodiments of time, and as such can exert an unknown degree of control over its flow, which he does in very subtle ways when required.

  • King Hyperion of Earth-4023 is an evil, corrupt, twisted and mentally deranged version of The Squadron Supreme's Hyperion. During his time as a member of the dimension-hopping Weapon X Exiles team, King Hyperion wreaked unimaginable havoc across the Multiverse in his attempt to conquer each world he visited.

  • Quetzalcoatl is one of the aztek Gods.

    He is the god of the Morning Star(Sun) and Venus.

    He is one of the most powerful Aztec gods. He controled the sun and weather. He was master of the wing and air. Also he could comand the earth and water. He sometimes represented death and destruction.

  • Adversary is an ancient being who comes from a universe of chaos and wishes to bring this chaos to the Earth dimension.

  • Umar is Clea's mother, as well as Dormammu's sister. Extremely ambitious (and a good deal ruthless), she was briefly Queen of the Dark Dimension