Minions, Armies and Hordes

This list is for ideas of fun RPing minions and hordes.  This is a "wouldn't it be scary" list.  

List items

  • Paid Mercenary Trainer - Trainer of the Best

    A villain of the Avengers with the ability to copy the physical characteristics of anyone he observes. He has used these skills as a teacher to many super-villains and henchmen, and some heroes.

  • Minions - Leadership among the Clones

    ARC Troopers are Clone Troopers who were personally trained by Jango Fett. They all have developed unique personalities and are among the most elite in the clone army.

    ARC Troopers were hand trained by Jango Fett, and are dispatched to fight in the most dangerous missions imaginable during the Clone Wars. After the Clone Wars and Jedi Purge the ARC Troopers were offered retirement from the Empire, some went into peaceful and quiet existence, some remained with the Empire, and trained Imperial Stormtroopers, a few became mercenaries and bounty hunters, and a few even joined the Rebel Alliance.

  • Minion - Treat as Core Military

    Part of the Republic Army, cloned from bounty hunter Jango Fett.

    Clone Troopers are the apex of organised military in the entire Star Wars universe. They are cloned from the cells of infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett, and are just as tough and destructive as he was. After killing Most of the Jedi Order during order 66, They are reorganized into Imperial Stormtroopers.

  • Minions - As Clone Troopers - Support

    Stormtroopers specially outfitted for long range recon.

    In wide open terrains that are remote, desolate, and far from civilization such as dense jungles and forests, the Galactic Empire dispatches Scout Troopers, who are essentially Stormtroopers trained for wilderness survival. They are also know as Biker Scouts, due to their primary mode of transportation, the Speeder Bike. These soldiers fought in the battle of Endor, among other conflicts.

  • An army of clones created from the DNA of Jango Fett. Some have formed individual personalities, but all are ultimately obedient to Emperor Palpatine. They have served the Old Republic and Empire

  • See Faker under Powerful Magic Items - The model for sentient, semi-intelligent or AI servants/minions. The Clones of the Clone Wars model.

  • Sort of an Item - It qualifies as OTHER and POWERFUL. Non-living. Cybernetic clone of He-Man built by Skeletor. Faker is an exact replica of He-Man built by Skeletor, except he has blue skin and orange hair. His purpose was to infiltrate the Masters.

  • Minion - High Tech

    Aphordite IX a beautiful gynoid assassin whose memory is purged after every hit to protect her masters.


    Aphrodite IX is the latest android in the Aphrodite Series. She frequently on assassination missions and upon completion her memory is purged to protect her clients. This has a tendency to

    making her job confusing as she begins to question what she does for a living and for who she does it.

  • Most of the inhabitabts of Limbo are demons.

  • The Original

    Doomsday was built to survive at all costs. Created millenia ago, his cruel and inhumane upbringing and long history of battle have made him a ruthless monster. He is most famous for being responsible for the Death of Superman.

  • As the Faker Clone. Foot soldiers and Loyal Minions.

    Darkseid and his scientist created an army based on Doomsday's DNA. He used them to attack Themyscira and kidnap Supergirl.

  • An alien race that feeds on the negative emotions of it's host. Also referred to as the Synoptic. They exist in a near liquid form.

  • Outfitted Armies

    The Venom Symbiote bonded with Spider-Man during his tenure on Battleworld. Initially he thought the symbiote was just a costume, however upon his discovery that it was sentient, he rejected it. Later it would merge with Eddie Brock, an avid Spider-Man Hater, to become the first of three Venom incarnations.

  • Outfitted Armies

    Carnage is the end result of when the Venom symbiote's spawn bonded with serial killer, Cletus Kasady, thus creating one of Spider-Man & Venom's most murderous and lethal adversaries.

  • Outfitted Minions

    Toxin, though still a child is the symbiote spawn/son of the vicious symbiote Carnage, and grandson of Venom. Toxin is also the most powerful of the symbiotes although his power potential and true weakness are currently unknown. He is playing hero in New York City.

  • Minions in Suits.

    The word "Guyver" refers to a specific being - the fusion of a human or (theoretically) a Zoaform with an alien bio-booster symbiote. The symbiote is commonly called a "Guyver unit" or "Unit-G".

  • A group of ninjas that first got together over 800 years ago. They are currently under the leadership of Daredevil. The Hand's first appearance was in Daredevil vol. 1 #168.

  • Predator X is a deadly enemy of mutants, such as the X-Men, and itself is the product of extreme genetic engineering.

  • The Justifiers are Darkseid's storm troopers.

  • The first OMAC was Buddy Blank, the current ones are a series of cyborgs(Not Including Michael Costner)

  • Formed by Lex Luthor, but are now lead by Deathstroke

    An organization that has gone through a number of incarnations, the overall roster of the Secret Society of Super villains reads like a Who's Who of the Super Criminal World.

  • This is a collection of New Gods, and others, who are Darkseid's most highly favored servants, completely loyal to his wishes.

    Also known as Darkseid's Hierarchy, Evil Gods, Dark ones and so on... These are the Gods of the Apokoliptian pantheon. Though being the greatest beings on Apokolips in both power and authority, they are still nothing more than slaves to the will of Darkseid, the Tyrant God who rules Apokolips with his iron fist.

  • The Rocket Reds wore super strong armour, which was equipped with a solar powered propulsion system. It also contained super heated plasma blasters, automatic defenses, electrified nets and magnetic boots.

  • An armored battlesuit designed to be a backup for Iron Man.

    The Guardsman Armor was later stationed at the Super Villain Peniteniary known as the Vault.

    When Obidiah Stane took control of Stark Internation he mass produced the Guardsman armor for the vault. At the time of the Armor Wars there were 40 armors at the vault.