Los Angeles

This is a List just for my use for something outside of the normal Comic Continuum, a list of groups, people and other such things in Los Angeles that are fictional as opposed to real life. As stated, just a list of things in LA.

List items

  • Los Angeles is the largest City in the state of Califonia.

  • A group of Demons that controlled Los Angeles during Angel: After the Fall

  • Los Angeles, which is secretly maintained by the US Government as a veritable prison for ex-agents of numerous intelligence organizations. The ex-agents are legally invisible within the city, but are not allowed to leave without being hunted for going rogue

  • Once perhaps the most evil vampire in the world, Angel regained his soul after being cursed by gypsies for killing one of their young women, and set out to redeem himself by helping others.

  • Brought together by the vampire with a soul Angel, this group of vampire and demon hunters is dedicated to "Helping the Helpless".

  • The members of the Circle, the self-fashioned Black Thorns, act as the earthly instruments of the Senior Partners, charged with being the driving force behind Wolfram & Hart's apocalyptic plans.

  • The nickname for the close-knit group of friends that formed to support Buffy the Vampire Slayer in her time in Sunnydale.

  • Twilight Group is a cabal of humans, as well as demons, that seeks to destroy the Slayers.

  • Known to the world at large as a large an influential law firm, Wolfram and Hart is really a front for vampires and demons. The Los Angeles branch was run by Angel.

  • Team Gunn is a group of vampires led by Charles Gunn. They are fighting against demons and vampires in hellish L.A. of the "After the Fall" series.

  • The Champions were a short-lived super team, based in Los Angeles, meant to serve the interests of the common person on the west coast because the east coast already had several teams. The team was led by the Black Widow, a former Russian Spy, for it's entire history.