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  • Ashleigh is the youngest child of the King of the Raven Dynasty, and leader of the Underground. The Underground works to free the Lesser Races from their bondage. Ashleigh eventually falls for Ethan.

  • Leader of Hunter-Killer, the Top Cow comics team hunting Ultra Sapiens.

  • Millie the Immortal

    Millie Collins is a model for the Hanover Agency, where her boyfriend was photographer Flicker (later Clicker). Her best friend was fellow model Toni Turner, and redheaded one eyed model Chili Storm was her main rival (well, she had two eyes, but as one was always covered by her hair you never saw more than one.)

  • Chili Storm is Millie Collins' most enduring supporting character. A fellow model, Chili has served as a co-worker, close friend and business rival of Millie.

  • Patsy Walker's best friend and main rival in their teenage years.

    Hedy Wolfe first appeared in Patsy Walker vol 1 #1 in 1945

  • Patricia Walker had long idolized super heroes and was given the chance of a lifetime and became 'Hellcat'.

  • Toni Turner - Friend of Millie

  • A Superman villainess who can use magic thanks to her Mists of Ibella. She was known for selling fake kryptonite to various villains of the world.

  • Created by Paul Dini, Madame Mirage's mission is to take down the bad guys. She has no problem using any means necessary, even if it results in their death.


    Angela Temple and her sister, Harper Temple, were the daughters of one of the first mega-technicians. He was killed by Brown Recluse to save her own skin. After that they started there own tech company. Angela, who was very adventures, met TJ Whitaker, who was working with A.S.I. He was after a powerful device and in order to get it killed Angela and Harper (or so he thought).

  • Catress is one of the three kitten-themed superheroes who fight on the team named Three Little Kittens.

  • Jaguara is one of the three kitten-themed superheroes who fight on the team named Three Little Kittens.

  • Kitty Pop is one of the three kitten-themed superheroes who fight on the team named Three Little Kittens.

  • Megan, a Gen9, was created by Dr. Cross, the head of the Gen 13 project, to be his loyal assistant.

  • Megan Summers is a member of GeNeXt and the firstborn daughter of Scott and Emma Summers

  • This Aggressive Solutions International member doesn't get the nickname "Aphrodisiac" for nothing. One look into her eyes sends her opponent's pheromones into overdrive.

  • A former stripper who first appeared as a member of Psionex and battled the New Warriors.

  • Physically augmented super-fighter and aerial combat specialist.

  • Poison is the former host of an alien entity called Ylandris. She is super--strong, can levitate and psionic alter a person's flesh. She has used this power to inflict disease and illness on others.

  • The head of a criminal organization based in Marseilles, France who later obtained Cloaks powers.

  • Charma is a super-villainess from the 30th century with the mutant ability to emit a powerful hypnotic aura, causing men to love her and do anything to prevent her from being harmed. However, her power affect females in the opposite way, causing them to attack her viciously.

  • The beautiful high flying Flare is the product of Nazi genetics. Her sibling all possess incredible powers, Flare's is over light. She joined the ranks of the Champions but often adventures on her own.

  • Able to create and control darkness. Member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

  • Jennifer Stavros, the luck altering recruit of the White Queen's Hellions. The term "Lady Luck" could fit no one better. As Roulette she was able to psionically generate discs of luck, good or bad, to alter events.

  • While her teammates are Kherubim or half-Kherubim, Voodoo has ancestry both Kheran and Daemonite, the race the WildC.A.T.S fight against.

  • Malon somehow escaped her mansion, while the Brotherhood's London Cell ripped through her bodyguards in an attempt to kidnap her. The team's flyer, Clive, followed, but Malon ran him over with her sportscar. Trying to find a safe place, Malon ran to a club where many of her friends frequented. The Brotherhood followed and tore through everyone there too. Just when she thought she was stuck, her latent mutant powers kicked in, burning Bela's hand and destroying Fiona's zombies. A backhand from Bryson was enough to put her out, however.

  • Contrary is the manipulative founder of Ultraforce. The nurse who applied nanotech "wetware" to turn children into Ultras, she now uses Fire People technology to defend humanity.

  • A construct created from Darkness, She was separated from it and imprisoned for eternity.

    Elinor is created from the darkness force by Lord Cardinale. She was also his lover and counselor. When a man named Royale appeared before Cardinale and suggested to attack the fairy realm, Elinor didn't approve of that plan. Cardinale, however, was bored and sought some blood. Elinor accompanied her master to the fairy world and battled alongside him. Elinor, still suspecting Royale of foul-play, warned him not to betray her master. She then showed him her true face and revealed herself as a darkling.

  • Quark was a professional psychologist, spy and mercenary. She was also a love interest to her pawn Havok/Alex Summers.

  • A user of the legendary Hero-Dial. She and her friend Chris King were part of a team that fought the Master. She eventually went solo, and joined a cult that messed with her head.

  • Monet St. Croix, also simply known as M, is a former member of Generation X and is currently involved with X-Factor Investigations.

  • I don't know who this is, but a woman in Armor...too cool. I'll have to look her up.

    A member of the Hero Universe Superhero Team Victors. Armored Victory is a tragic character in that her life was erased so that a villain could use her as a distraction to make his getaway.

  • Red is a vampire and member of Wetworks.

  • Former prostitute she was transformed into an superhuman by Dr. Nirvana. One time lover to Savage Dragon with whom she had a child she was also part of Freak Force.

  • Former apprentice to Felix Faust, Tala is an accomplished practitioner of the arcane arts(magic) with a taste for men of power, wealth and influence.

  • Irene always wanted to be a serious reporter working for the Daily Bugle, but she got stuck working for the tabloid The Inquiring Eye. When asked by her editor to investigate Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club, Irene gets drawn into a conspiracy to kill Cable.

  • She is the leader of her own cybermerc company, Stellar Rangers, Inc. She grew up on a Ranch on Planet Tropica with her father.

  • Stunning wife of Kal-El, Lyla works at the Terraforge that controls earth quakes on Krypton

  • One of the many characters featured in the Grimm Fairy Tales series.

    In Grimm Fairy Tales, the story of Hansel and Gretel is modified to reflect the situation of the two siblings - Gina and Hank - Sela comes in contact with. In this version of the story, Gretel leaves her household after being fed up with her stepmother.

  • Amanda is the former ruler of Limbo. She is also the former girlfriend of Nightcrawler from the X-Men. She has been a member of Excalibur.

  • Anita Blake is an animator, legal vampire executioner and consultant to the local St. Louis police force paranormal unit. The comics are based on the book series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

  • Also known as the second Spider-Woman, Arachne is currently a member of the new Omega Flight, a Canadian super-team.

  • After her parents died, Sheena was raised by a tribe in an African Jungle. She was also the first female character to get her own book.

  • Coachwhip is a serpent-themed villain most often affiliated with either Viper or the Serpent Society.

  • Dart was a vigilanty in Detroit before helping out Savage Dragon in New York. Is also part of the Freak Force.

  • Formerly involved with the teams X-Force and X-Corporation, Risque debuted as a menacing vixen who seduced Warpath as part of a deal with Sledge. She gained real feelings for Warpath and later reformed before she was killed by the U-Men before being resurrected as part of Selene's undead mutant.

  • Able to split into three people. Member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, a super group based in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe.

  • Seductive snake charmer and, notably, the first villainess Spider-Man ever faced.

  • Often considered the flagship character of Avatar Press as she was their very first creation. Pandora #1 (November 1996). She is the still-living Pandora from mythology fighting the evil she released.

  • A mad and mercurial resident of Wonderland, that was once two separate young girls. She leads a large army in the Wonderland realm.

  • Daughter of Alice Liddle and protagonist of the Wonderland series.

  • Originally an English housewife. After traveling to Wonderland she becomes the Red Queen and arch nemesis of the Queen of Hearts.

  • Jane Vasko's face was scarred in an accident which ironically endowed her with healing powers. She became the gun-toting sociopath vigilante named 'Painkiller Jane.'

  • Raamia is a member of the godlike race of beings known as the First and is the only confirmed lover of their leader Altwaal.

  • Primary protagonist of the adult Italian comic series of the same name. Heavily influenced by Marvel's Spider-Man, she is a super-heroine who gained her powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

  • The resistance leader Mademoiselle Marie avenged her father's death and fought the Nazis in World War-II, then she had a daughter with Alfred Pennyworth, the butler and closes friend to Batman.

  • Ant is an insect themed super heroine in the Image universe.

  • Umar is Clea's mother, as well as Dormammu's sister. Extremely ambitious (and a good deal ruthless), she was briefly Queen of the Dark Dimension