This is a list of Allies and Minions, unrelated to any Comics Demons and Magic Users are the focus. These are the kinds of allies and minions you'd want to have, but don't trust them all. That's what makes them good minions.

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  • Tarot is a beautiful and powerful young witch of the Order of the Black Rose who fights against the forces of darkness that are attempting to bring harm to the world.

  • Being the only surviving member of the royal family of the Land of the Nightshades, Eve Eden uses her inherited shadow powers to fight crime and evil as Nightshade.

    Eve’s main power is the ability to teleport her and other by passing through the Land of the Nightshade. However, her passengers are subject to their worst nightmares when passing through that dimension. Eve is able to transform herself into a semi-solid shadow form (that now requires a great amount of concentration) and can expand shadows. She also has the ability to create shadowy homunculus.

  • Blink is a mainstay member of the Exiles. She is from an alternate reality known as the Age of Apocalypse. Though she retired for a certain time, she is serving the present team in an unofficial leader status while pretending to be as inexperienced as her teammates.

  • She is the self-proclaimed Sorceress Supreme of Earth and master of the Winding Way. Though her true origins are still unknown, she was allegedly born in Paris and received magic training from her mother. Margali is Nightcrawlers’ foster-mother.

    Mother of Stefan and Amanda Sefton.

  • Raven Hex is best known as the sister of Tarot but is also the one who brought destruction upon Salem and sought out witch superiority over mankind. Now she remains with her sister, keeping her views.

  • Tarot's Mother is the parent who sides with Tarot rather than Raven and even bears a similar resemblance. She now stays with both her daughters and is the High Witch of the Black Rose.

  • Tarot's Father was a very important person in the life of his daughter Raven, and it was from him that she gained her opinions of witch superiority over humanity.

  • Boo is a werecat and is known for her various relationships, both with men and women. Her best known lovers are Licorice Dust and Tarot.

  • Jon Webb is a man who gained his power to talk with the dead after a car accident. He now sees himself as the protector of Salem's cemetery, and lover of Tarot.

  • Pooka was a goblin cat discovered by Tarot, and eventually became her familiar. Though he is very mischievous, Tarot still refuses to let harm come upon him.

  • The Twins are the spirit of a two-headed girl (actually conjoined twins) who died and whose spirit haunts Salem's cemetery. She/they are constant companion(s) of Skeleton Man, her protector.

  • A real life witch who was featured in Tarot : Witch of the Black Rose comics.

  • Azure is an immortal elf who wishes to conquer the world of men and destroy them. However, his plans have been foiled on multiple occasions by the Black Rose Coven.

  • War-Thog was an important figure in Azure's army, that was assembled to conquer the world of men. The warthog chieftain wished to have sex with Boo but in her feline form rather than her human.

  • Licorice Dust is a vampire who was made into one alongside her two best friends. She eventually became Boo's lesbian lover and was the more controlled one of the two.

  • Brandi, while still alive, was the girlfriend of Jon Webb but when she died in a car accident she became a spirit that can now communicate with her former boyfriend and is now jealous of his new girl.

  • Cookee

  • Originally just an ordinary girl, Illyria was a doll maker, but after her untimely death she became a doll herself and sought out the perfect body...Tarot's.

  • The pumpkin-headed golem serving Raven Hex that is used to battle Jon and Tarot in the early issues of the series.

  • Madam Mako is a creature of the deep who is capable of easily feasting upon sharks. She tries to take Tarot as her victim but in the end, fails in this attempt.

  • The Spider of the Fairy Realm had its dwelling place in the roots of a tree where it almost devourered the Green Fairy and Tarot when they became trapped in its home.

  • The Green Fairy was a resident of the fairy realm that plagued Tarot, by stealing her birthmark, and trying to escape with it in the roots of a tree.

  • Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars. The wife of John Carter.

  • After death, now a Minion of Havok in the Abyss.

  • Daughter of John Zatara, Zatanna is a powerful magician who uses her backwards speaking spells as both a performer and a member of the Justice League.

  • Sindella Zatara is the mother of Zatanna.

    Sindella is the mother of Zatanna, wife of Zatara, and aunt of Zachary Zatara.

  • Zatara is leading the resistance in Hell and currently wonders what reaction his daughter will have. He is forced to save her and her travelling companions and leads them to a resistance safe-house.

  • Zachary Zatara is a magician and is the cousin of Zatanna. The original Zatara is his uncle.

  • Richard Occult is one of the magical heavyweights of the DC Universe, his supernatural abilities matched only by his keen detective intellect.

  • Rogue member of Seven Unknown Men who allied himself with the Sheeda.

  • Doctor Destiny's greatest weapons are his superior mind and his dreaming powers, which enabled him to construct the Materioptikon, through which he can reweave dreams into reality.

  • Member of Brother Night's group. Can transform whatever he touches into various forms depending on what his mask displays.

  • Topaz is a powerful mystic in the Marvel Universe who has unique empathic abilities. She has adopted to two female forms, one Caucasian and one Indian. She fights with a group of teens called the Witches.

  • Stefan is the first born of Margali, and Kurt's foster brother. The two were boys were very close. Stefan feared of turning to the Dark power that was in him.

  • Ananym is the daughter of the demon sorcerer Belasco (ruler of Limbo) and ex-member of Gamma and Beta Flight.

  • Pixie was a member of Paragons up until they disbanded following M-Day. She is currently a member of the X-Men.

    She has great magical potential, but has yet to receive significant training. The only Magical training she has received as yet is training from Magik on how to teleport by using the spell "Sihal Novarum Chinoth".

  • Former member of the Hellions training squad, Cessily Kicaid is a junior member of the X-Men, now living in San Fransisco. Cessily continually struggles to accept her mutant form.

    Mercury has an unique physiology and exists as an inorganic, non-toxic metallic substance (not actually mercury). She is a metallic polymorph, able to shift into different shapes, both solid and liquid. In combat she can use this ability to reshape her limbs into sharp and melee weapons.

  • Sabina De La Croix - Sometimes Enemy

    Sabina is a sorceress appointed by the Council of Merlin to obtain the powers of Shazam.

  • More of an Advisor than an Ally.

    Madame Xanadu focuses her occult sensitivity through her Tarot cards. Her actual powers in terms of matters of the soul are somewhat limited - she is only allowed to advise.

  • Catherine Bell was a truly honest cop but eventually she learned of the corruption within her own agency, and instead began to fight the paranormal, making it to #1 on the FBI's Most Wanted List.

  • Gifted with powers, Sela strives to help others make the right choices with the help of a book of fairy tales.

  • Homicide Detective Sara Pezzini life was forever changed the day she came into contact with the Witchblade. Wielding the balance between light and darkness, Sara now handles the cases that until recently were unexplainable.

  • Ian has displayed superhuman feats of speed and strength. Body and soul built to absorb mass quantities of energy. At one point in the comics he has the mystic ability to siphon the powers of both the Witchblade and the Darkness. Ian in the comic series becomes the wielder of Excalibur (here shown as a sentient weapon, and part of the Witchblade) which can act like armor, produce energy blasts & constructs, and decreases the aging process.

    Even before he acquired other powers, he displayed superhuman abilities such as cutting cars in half with his sword and catching bullets in his hands. Ian has above average intelligence and has enhanced speed and strength. Ian is also an accomplished martial artist and swordsman--his preferred weapon is a katana-- and he has had black ops training.

  • Dani is a normal human who possess average human strength for a girl her age. While she was bearer of the Witchblade, she possessed all the abilities that are attributed to past bearers. She also seemed to retain the full extent of her abilities when she wielded the light half of the Witchblade. As a Witchblade bearer, Dani was able to heal herself and others, produce concussive force blasts, fly, animate the dead, and even produce "grapple's" used for climbing or attacking. In addition she was also able to produce weapons, most notably a sword, and armor for herself through the use of the Witchblade. Also due to Dani's ballet training she has increased flexibility and agility.

    Now that she is in possession of the Angelus power, Dani has been granted a number of abilities including enhanced strength, speed, self-propelled flight, teleportation, various light and fire based powers, and all of the memories of the previous Angelus hosts. Dani should also be able to use her light based powers to create various objects including weaponry and sentient life and she is now, by default, the leader of the Angelus Warriors.

  • Black Alice has the ability to borrow the powers of any magical being for a short while, Black Alice must also be able to see the person to borrow their specific powers, or she may end up with anybody's magic ablity. When Black Alice takes the powers of another her clothes transform to a combination of their clothes and her own gothic attire. Black Alice has been shown to take two peoples powers at once, and use her own magic abilities.

  • An Egyptian slave girl and lover of the Queen. She was betrayed by the Queen who married the General Ramses who ordered Sakkara's death. She escaped and was transformed into a vampire by Rath's blood.

  • Also...See Enemies

    Created by Mister Sinister, she is the clone of Jean Grey and the birth-mother of Cable. Formerly the evil Goblin Queen, she is currently the leader of the Sisterhood of Mutants and looking for a new body as the Red Queen.

  • The sorceress Jaina Proudmoore is the ruler of Theramore Keep, last bastion of human power in Kalimdor

  • ALLY

    Queen Hippolyta, ruler of the Amazons and mother of Diana. She is also the first and later the third Wonder Woman after Diana and Artemis.

  • Allies

    The Hellfire Club is an international group of the world's social elite. They are run by mutants that consider themselves superior to other mutants in both their mutant abilities and social status.

  • Paid Mercenary Trainer - Trainer of the Best

    A villain of the Avengers with the ability to copy the physical characteristics of anyone he observes. He has used these skills as a teacher to many super-villains and henchmen, and some heroes.

  • Kiani is an Elite Blue. She was orphaned when she was still young. Casque took her in to raise and train her to become a warrior. She is a member of the Security Force of the Blue Council.

  • Minion

    Nancy is an exotic dancer that had a tragic past. She appeared in the following story arcs: Yellow Bastard, The Hard Goodbye, A Dame to Kill For, Just Another Saturday Night, and Blue Eyes.

  • Ally

    Dr. Karla Sofen is a founding member of the "heroic" Thunderbolts and former member of the Masters of Evil.

  • Minion in LA

    Black Scorpion is a masked vigilante who fights crime against super villains that terrorize The City of Angels.

  • Minion

    Koni Waves - No information on site.

    For the purposes of this list, she is a killer in a very pretty body.

  • Minion - As stated. Ally of Koni Waves.

    Marat Mychaels' creation published by Avatar Press.

  • Ally - Tit-for-Tat relationship.

    Mari was the daughter of the former royal couple of Homeworld. When Baron Karza kills her parents and enslaved his planet, she joins the underground before she help to found the micronauts.

  • Minionish...See Local List

    Vicki was a reporter for the Gotham Gazette, whose job it was to report on the Batman. She was frequently romantically attracted to Batman (and Bruce Wayne on occasion), and repeatedly suspected they were the same person.

  • Ally - St. Louis PD, HU Earth

    Anita Blake is an animator, legal vampire executioner and consultant to the local St. Louis police force paranormal unit. The comics are based on the book series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

  • Minion - See Anita Blake

    Jean-Claude is a master vampire who lives in the city of St. Louis. He is about 200 years old and is the manager of the local strip club Guilty Pleasures.

  • Minion - See Anita Blake

    The animal in Anita and Jean-Claude's triumvirate, he is the Ulfric of the local Werewolf pack. A powerful Lycanthrope, he is torn between his gentle nature, and violent urges.

  • Ronnie is a private investigator and Anita Blake's best friend.

  • Minion - Former KGB in the HU Earth United States

    Natalia Kassle is a former KGB spy who was recruited by Danger Girl. Her true loyalties, however, were with the Hammer Empire.

  • Minion - HU Los Angeles - Manipulated

    Pulp heroine first published in 1936. The Domino Lady, a masked crime fighter who fights corruption in 1930s Los Angeles, is the secret identity of Ellen Patrick, a sexy blonde Berkeley grad bent on avenging the death of her father.

  • Monet St. Croix, also simply known as M, is a former member of Generation X and is currently involved with X-Factor Investigations.

  • Also known as Red Team, They are the clones of the deceased Initiative member, MVP.

  • Former bodyguard of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Now Black Queen of Checkmate.

  • Vampire by Night is a mix of werewolf and vampire.

  • A member of the Hero Universe Superhero Team Victors. Armored Victory is a tragic character in that her life was erased so that a villain could use her as a distraction to make his getaway.

  • She saves humanity from demon attacks

  • Fred Burkle was saved from another dimension by Angel Investigations. She joined up and worked with them for years, until her soul was destroyed and her body taken over by the Demon Old One, Illyria.

  • Cyblade is a member of Cyberforce. She is a meta-human who possesses the ability to create and manipulate electromagnetic energy through her fingertips.

  • Red is a vampire and member of Wetworks.

  • Ballistic is a member of Cyberforce. She possesses superhuman athletic ability, hand-to-eye coordination, and a bionic arm provided by Cyberdata to repair a crippling injury.

  • Samantha is an Ultra Sapien with uncontrollable energy powers. She is the leader of the Hunter-Killers field squad.

  • Velocity is a redheaded teenager. Her skin is snow white and around her right eye she has the tattoo of a bolt. She wears a green skinsuit with yellow bolts on it. Did I mention she has super-speed powers? 'Cause that's kind of important...

  • Solomon Grundy is a reanimated corpse. He has had many appearances in which he has different levels of strength and intelligence.

  • Former apprentice to Felix Faust, Tala is an accomplished practitioner of the arcane arts(magic) with a taste for men of power, wealth and influence.

  • Typhoid is a professional criminal. Mary is a former actress. Together they spell trouble for Daredevil. She has recently joined the Shadow Initiative under the alias of Mutant Zero.

  • Two sister's out to kill Deadpool.

    Mary and Grace Mercy are a pair of psychopathic killer-sisters, who's first victims were their parents. The sister hid their bodies in the storage bins of their apartment building. The killing continued (victims included the people, who cross them and their school administrator, who started investigating them) and the bodies went to the family farm. The police attention was brought on them by killing a rock star. A reward was offered for them and this attracted Deadpool's interest.

  • She is the leader of her own cybermerc company, Stellar Rangers, Inc. She grew up on a Ranch on Planet Tropica with her father.

  • Iris is Secretary, Bodyguard and Assassin. An Executive Assistant for her boss Mr. Ching.

  • Jakita Wagner is the superhuman daughter of century baby Lord Blackstock. She works with Elijah Snow and the Drummer as a member of Planetary.

  • Stunning wife of Kal-El, Lyla works at the Terraforge that controls earth quakes on Krypton

  • One of Cyberdata's key operatives until she went rogue. Was killed by Warblade and then her consciousness was transferred into a Bisey.

  • The beautiful high flying Flare is in part the product of a Nazi genetic experiment. Her sibling all possess incredible powers, Flare has power over light. She joined the ranks of the League of Champions, but often adventures on her own.

  • Coachwhip is a serpent-themed villain most often affiliated with either Viper or the Serpent Society.

  • A Superman villainess who can use magic thanks to her Mists of Ibella. She was known for selling fake kryptonite to various villains of the world.

  • Formerly involved with the teams X-Force and X-Corporation, Risque debuted as a menacing vixen who seduced Warpath as part of a deal with Sledge. She gained real feelings for Warpath and later reformed before she was killed by the U-Men before being resurrected as part of Selene's undead mutant.

  • Giselle Villard's homeworld was called Ciress, and she grew up there with her sister Genevieve, who was a member of one of the Seven Guilds of Magic. On Ciress, magic dominated every aspect of life. The planet was a magnet for cosmic energy due to its position in the galaxy, and this accounted for the vast amount of magic that was performed on Ciress.

  • Genevieve is the sister of Giselle Villard and a member of the Nouveau Guild, one of the Seven Guilds of Magic on the world of Ciress. Genevieve is a talented and dedicated practitioner of the magical arts.

  • Jane Vasko's face was scarred in an accident which ironically endowed her with healing powers. She became the gun-toting sociopath vigilante named 'Painkiller Jane.'

  • Persuader was a member of the Fatal Five, and wielded an axe that could cut through any matter, and even open dimensional rifts. Elise Kimble, the new Persuader, is a member of the Terror Titans.