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Batmen of All Nations 100%
Every country should have its own Batman. Take your pick. You'll be re-located and get your own silly costume based on Batman. If you're lucky, you just might be able to meet the man himself.
Mystery, Inc.
Time to celebrate. Break out the Scooby Snacks. You now get to be one of the "meddling kids" and help stop all those spooky dudes that like to play dress up. And just maybe they'll let you drive the Mystery Machine too.
Thieves Guild
So you've chosen the Thieves Guild, eh? The world is yours for the taking. You'll learn the art of...thievery. Why pay for something when you can just take it, right? Just watch out for the law.
Team Youngblood. You get to have the glory and beat up bad guys. The world loves the hero. This is your chance to shine. And if you're lucky, maybe Rob Liefeld will draw you.
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