Timm: Pull-List

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  • I've been reading this series since i was a kid. At times it has been extremely boring.

  • This series vanishes and reappears from my life, but has been surprisingly awesome, just like it is now.

  • From the first issue i have been in love with this book.

  • I'm so on the fence with this book since the Flamigo issue.

  • When planetary ended i didn't think i would ever truly enjoy a mystery book again.

  • This is a new book for me, but i was addicted from the moment he first used his "ability". mmm... tasty.

  • As a Tim Drake fan i am obligated to read this book regardless of how bad it sucked its first few issues.

  • This is new to me, but its good.

  • I wish this book wasn't over. It was so good.

  • So far so good. The Plutonian rips apart the baddest villain team around and from the ashes comes Incorruptible. Very awesome spin on this theme of good turned bad. The bad is now turned good and the good wonder if they can trust him, his cohorts think he's gone crazy and he wont touch his underage girlfriend suddenly. WILD!

  • Yea. imagine my surprise. The second issue of this book fell into my pull box by accident. I refused to buy it without issue 1, my comic store owner dug me up an issue 1 and after reading both issues, im hooked. This book will be awesome at least for a few issues.

  • Doc Samson, the Spirit, and Batman searching for clues as to what the hell Doc Samson's father is up to. very fun if you're in to old school characters from the old time radio days.