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Greatest comic's in my collection

The 20 greatest trade's and volumes i have ever owned. Most of these i was able to go back and get each volume in TPB's in order to reread them over and over again. This was considered by me to be money well spent. as this is a sincere list, i hope you see recognize a lot of these weren't chosen based on their popularity and your disagreements will require you to leave the name of a replacement book as an example of something better.
Honorable Mention: 
Batman: The Cult
JLA: Earth 2
Generation X (Vol. 1)
The Hulk (Vol. 3)
Daredevil (Vol. 1)
Punisher: War Zone
On The Fence:
Hell Blazer
Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem

List items

  • This book was utterly amazing. the art, story, and the clean smooth reality of the aged characters made this book a classic.

  • This book established a hard line in storytelling and a very legitimate and mature progression in comics that other companies weren't daring to move into. even though they brought The High back. i still feel this since of "oh sh!t" at the end.

  • Chris Claremont and Alan Davis realize his vision of comics that transcend simple two dimensional team relations. the later volumes continue to expand on this ideal and the situations they are placed in were significantly more interesting than your basic marvel comic. the cross-time caper was a page turner that ate my lunch money and left me wanting more every time.

  • This was my favorite version of spider man until ultimate Spider-man. and even then its a close race. Miguel O'Hara was the most hardcore Spider-Man ever. I love how the movies took his abilities over the standard Spider-Man's abilities... except the fangs and paralytic poison.

  • This was an amazing book and an amazing story made better by the Mike Mignola factor, which makes all books better by x5.

  • Superman as a total hard-ass. It was perfect.

  • This book was a lot of fun and it was never dull. The dialogue was not overdone and neither was the action. it was all very solid. i used to read it to my nieces and nephew.

  • Patch. Awesome. Nuff said.

  • Ive had to re-buy this trade 5 times. It has been stolen four times.

  • This is my favorite book at the moment.

  • This book is not a super hero book. Super heroes are a tool used to debate philosophy in this story. Now that you know that, maybe you will understand why everyone loves this book so much. This was the beginning of the era of the smart comic.

  • Mike Mignola factor in full effect, plus it was his own creation under his own comic label.

  • Tim Drake. Bad Ass. Welcome to comic world.

  • One of my favorite novels animated into my favorite comics. Stolen twice. hard to find at the moment.

  • This book was basically what Justice League should look like for the modern generation. Jack Hawksmoore was one of the greatest comic book characters ever.

  • This book was amazing and awesome. Then i realized i was the only one left reading it. The readership and excitement went downhill when he took his helmet off and set off DC's trend of poor racial diversity in comics.

  • ABBBBBBBBBBBJHSJKSHKHSHKSH!! Arthur Adams! Asgardians! Mutants! AMAZING!

  • This was the first of the most violent comics i had ever read or bought. it was amazing and since then everyone copies its style when they want to do "violent".

  • Who doesnt like the machine man. Barry Windsor-Smith made this volume amazing. sometimes i say things like, man i would love to see machine man again, but then i realize, its just this book making me think he still belongs in comics. They have to revise him if they ever bring him back and make it fit. Theres no place in the modern world for this gentile soul.

  • It was well-written and non-whimsical version of black panther. I really enjoyed how they broke these stereotypical ideas about black panther. he's a king and a hard ass and if you're not scared of him when you see him, you should be. he's captain america, tony stark, and wolverine in one man.

  • yes i know its 21 on a list of 20... but i had to. its that good. i keep this one on the coffee table in the front room just so people will pick it up. once again we have the Mike Mignola factor.