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Name: Beatrice Viara Rondstrum

Age: 35 (Can be altered)

Height: 5'7"

Race: Human (Magnus family)


Wind magic:

Beatrice is capable of manipulating the air, altering it's direction, speeding it up, slowing it down, even separating different parts of the air or manipulating condensation locations. While this ability is capable of astonishingly minute detail, it is typically not used combatively, though it certainly can be applied in such a way to slow an opponent or redirect them. It's uses otherwise are rather versatile, and is often used to move around such as for rather high speed flight by combining it with weight manipulation. This is relatively easy to preform but sits within it's limitations, thus taking almost no effort, but also not able to be properly exercised as easily as other abilities.


Specifically these are golems created with wind, as such they are mostly invisible without a quick eye or if she's intentionally had them pick up dust so they can be seen. These are usually rather small and are often akin to gremlin-like monkeys in appearance and behavior if one were able to perceive them properly. They are sometimes in large numbers and can commit to rather complex operations, even so far as actually rerouting computer programs. They are however limited to Beatrice's knowledge, or will simply do basic things she tells them to do. Like her other wind magic, these are easy enough and are also more applicable to fighting offensively as they can overpower an opponent, and even force themselves down the enemies throat to suffocate them or burst them from the inside.

Miscellaneous abilities:

Stealth magic: Complete invisibility to light and heat, considerably reduced noise if chosen.

Phasing magic: Can shift through energy, matter, and most forms of magic. While there are ways to prevent this, as well as numerous things coming at her at high speed being dangerous to her and causing pain, it does typically require time for most methods to actually take effect. Energy is more painful then matter and more likely to cause actual damage.

Age manipulation (born ability): At will, Beatrice can alter her age and appearance of her age, making her functionally immortal as well as a form of ability that lets her disguise herself in a way. This is especially effective fighting those who attempt to super age someone, as she remains entirely unaffected.

Weight manipulation (born ability): Another thing that seems like it should simply be a rule of nature and yet she alters. Beatrice can increase, decrease, or move the weight of her body allowing her to seemingly mimic superhuman strength, speed, and dexterity, as well as permits her to greatly increase her weight so as to crush what is beneath her, or decrease it so that she can use her wind magic for flight. This weight seems to have no ill effects on her, meaning she could way over a ton and still move normally.


The family ability of mergance, something that Beatrice is actually very skilled at, while not as powerful as her younger brother it is still rather strong. This ability allows her the ability to seamlessly work with any technology just by making physical contact with it, allowing a form of heavily advanced technopathy. It's also very effective with even simple machines. Unlike her brother, she did not quite learn it for helping other people, and while she could easily implement prosthetics or weapons into herself, doing so for another person would take more effort. This does allow her to grab a sword and instantly become a better swordsman while holding it even if she has no training. She also still has the main aspect of the ability, merging of materials, particularly biological with non biological. She can physically connect to stone, wood, or any material, essentially causing it to become a limb connected to her, giving her a sense of it and allowing her a physical extension she can move.

A fighter:

Beatrice is an extremely capable combatant, much of it comes to her by instinct, however due to as long as she's done it she does have a great deal of experience. Beatrice's fighting style mostly revolves around a considerable amount of flexibility, speed, and either quick deadly strikes, or using pressure to break bones...or necks. When utilizing weapons her fighting style can vary considerably, however speed often remains a constant.

The unexpected researcher:

In spite of being rather rogue-like compared to the rest of the family, Beatrice is astonishingly studious when she chooses to. Though she is rarely seen actually doing any studying. She has a considerable amount of knowledge collected regarding technology, espionage, magic, and time travel. When necessary, Beatrice can do a great deal of consideration before actually committing to an action.


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The Time Turner 100 is a piece of stolen technology that Beatrice managed to obtain. It has quite a number of abilities to offer including an advanced energy cannon, superhuman physicals, an array of sensors, a versatile design for varying environments, and it's primary function, the ability to take five second time shifts along with time leaping.