X-Men recommendations

Here is a list of X-Men stories that every fan should read and any new fan to X-Men.
Some of these stories are the best stories ever written, but some are just essential. Some of these you have to read to understand X-Men history.  Some stories are just good.
This list is not a list of my favourite stories, that list will come in due time. You will notice in the list at first, some are major story arcs and as the list goes on, you will notice some good stories as well.
I will update this list from time to time.
Enjoy !!!

List items

  • One of the best stories ever written. It's a must read.

  • One of the best stories ever written. A world without Charles Xavier and rule by Apocalypse.

  • One of the best stories ever written. You must read it.

  • The story that kick the 90's of with bang.One of the biggest selling X-Men books of all time. A must read.

  • One of the most popular story arcs of all time and one of the best.

  • One of the best stories from the 1980's. A must read.

  • One of the best stories told over the last 6 years. Cyclops takes over the leadership of the X-Men.

  • Part 2 of the Messiah Saga. A really good story.

  • The final chapter of the Messiah Saga. Cable and Hope return to the present. The X-Men must protect Hope from Bastion and his armies.

  • If you want to understand how the mutant race became an endangered species, then this is the story to read. It's quite a good story.

  • Avengers Vs.X-Men was a major story arc off 2012 and I must say it wasn't one of the best. If you want to find out how the mutant race was save, see Cyclops become Dark Phoenix and see Rogue defeat She-Hulk and Ms Marvel, I suggest you read the title.

    Don't spend a lot of money on the story though.

  • Onslaught was one of the most powerful villians the X-Men has ever face and in this story you see him take on the X-Men and the Avengers. A good story, worth reading.

  • So far I have listed the major story arcs, now it time to list the smaller ones,but some of them are truly amazing like this.

    Wolverine vs Sabretooth, one of there best fights ever. One of the best Wolverine stories ever written. If your a Wolverine fan, it's a must read title.