X-Men Legacy (2015)

X-Men Legacy should go back to being a Rogue title, it never should been a Legion title. Don't get me wrong I like Legion, I just don't think he interesting enough to hold his own title.

X-Men Legacy won't just be center around Rogue, it will be center around the whole team.

The main objective of this team is to mentor young mutants or young people. Once a student graduates from the school, they will join Rogue team. Rogue and the others will act as mentors for those students. After a 2 years also they will decided what's best for that student. Should they join one of the other X-Men teams or should they leave the X-Men and try lived there life. Rogue and that young mutant will decide what's best for them. With the advice from the other mentors too.

Rogue will work alongside both Schools and as well as go out on missions as a team.

The ideal writers will be Mike Carey and Brian Wood.

The ideal artists would be Clay Man, loved his previous work on X-Men Legacy.

List items

  • Rogue will be leader of this team

  • Gambit will be second in charge. He does have another responsibilities esle where and when that happens, Rachel Grey will be second in charge.

    Rogue and Gambit will be a couple and not sure why they are not couple now, but they should reunite.

  • Love Iceman friendship with Rogue and I would loved to see them in a team again. Like Gambit, Iceman does have other responsibilities esle where too.

  • I like Sam friendship with Bobby in Rogue previous team, I would like to see that again. Sam will also have other responsibilities esle where.

  • As with all teams, they need a great telepath and that's Rachel Grey for sure. She also be second in charge, when she needs to be.

  • I like Frenzy before, so I will like her to see her return to this title.

  • Like Jean and Emma, Polaris has also suffered at the hands of the writers, cause they care to much about the Summers brothers.

    I would like that too change, I would like Polaris to play a central role in Rogue team. I like her friendship with Bobby and I would like to see her work with Rogue and Rachel Grey.

  • Warbird not a mutant, she Alien and she kind of new to this world. I think Rogue will be a perfect mentor for her.

  • Most teams always have had a trouble maker and that has to be Kid Gladiator, he should return and join Rogue team. Warbird can go back to protecting him.

  • Blindfold is a young telepath and I think it will be great to see Rachel mentor her.