X-Men characters I want to see in Marvel: Avengers Alliance on facebook

I have made a list of X-Men characters I want to see in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

I would like most of these characters to be playable characters. I prefer to buy them with command points. I supposed getting these characters through Lockboxes or season 2, would be ok.

What do you guys think.

List items

  • We have most of the popular X-Men characters in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, but still no Jubilee. I want Jubilee. I would like two have 2 versions of her. The original version, where she could generate pyrotechnic energy plasmoids out of her hands and the vampire version of her. Where she has healing, strength and speed. One of her vampires powers could be to drain health, when she bites you. I think the versions of her should be available in costumes. So we have 90's version or 2000's version.

  • We have Cable, Domino, Cannonball and Shatterstar and no Boom Boom. I want Boom Boom.

  • We have Magneto, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and still no Polaris. We even have Havok. I want Polaris in the game.

  • I would love to see X-Man in the game. He can be a power house in the game. I want Age of Apocalypse version of him in the game.

  • I would love to see Hope in the game. She great with guns and she copies people powers. One of her actions could be to copy another member powers in battle or copy the villains powers. So if Wolverine in her team, she can have his healing factor throughout the battle

  • Who wouldn't want Madrox in the game. One of his powers could be to created loads of himself to attack the enemy or enemies.

  • Strength, healing and telepathic abilities, who wouldn't want Monet in the game. She would be a great character.

  • I want the Cuckoo's in the game. You only have one or two of them in a battle with you, but there actions could involved the other sister or you can just have one of them in the battle with you and there actions can involved the other 2 sisters

  • I loved to see Stryfe in the game. I would loved to see him as a playable character too.

  • We had Selene and Sebastian Shaw in the the game. I want Maddie in it.

  • Another X-Force character would be great to see.

  • Onslaught is a great villain. I would be cool to see him in the game.

  • It was a choice between Sean or Theresa. I decided to go with Theresa. I would loved to see her in the game.

  • Another telepath in the game could be great. There could be a Summers & Grey mission. You can team Rachel up with Scott, Jean, Cable, Havok or Hope Summers. Maybe Apocalypse, Stryfe or Mr Sinister & Maddie could be the enemy.

  • We have Kurt and Magik. I really want to see Blink in the game.

  • It would be cool to see Armor in the game.

  • We had sentinel as a playable character in two games before. Why can't we have a sentinel in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. He can be like Doctor Doom. Where you can only use him with your Agent. I would loved to see Rover in the game.

  • Charles is already in the game, but you can't use him. I would love to see him as a playable character. He could have 2 missions, one stopping Vulcan and the other could be stopping Shadow King.

  • One of my favorite Wolverine villains, I loved to see him in the game. As a playable character.

  • I would like to see Holocaust in the game.

  • I really like to see Dani in the game, as a playable character as well.

  • Who wouldn't want Lady Deathstrike in the game.

  • One of Bendis young mutants makes my list. One of her actions in the game could be to freeze time, stop the enemy from attacking or using there powers.

  • We had Apocalypse as a villain, how about we have Kid Apocalypse as playable character. He would be quite powerful. There could be a mission that involves young mutants and he can be part of it.

  • Who wouldn't want Quentin Quire in the game. A telepath, who is a trouble maker.

  • Another X-Factor character would be cool to use in the game.

  • Legion could be fun to use in the game. He would be quite powerful.

  • Another good villain of Wolverine I would like to see.

  • It was a choice between Feral or Hollow. I decided I wanted them both in the game. I think Feral a great character. Loved to see her in the game.

  • Vulcan is a great villain. There could be some sort of space mission in the game.

  • Deathbird would be a villain in the game, working with Vulcan in a space mission.

  • I would like to see Lilandra as a playable character, maybe you can have her team up with Charles to take on Vulcan or Deathbird.

  • I want Hollow in the game, cause she looks really cool. Loved to see her as playable character too.

  • I would loved to see Shadow King in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. One of the missions could be to stop him. You have to used Charles, Storm, Jean or Emma

  • I loved to see Molly in the game, as playable character. Not the Battle of Atom version of her, just the normal version of the kid. A kid with super strength would be cool.