Worst Versions of the X-Men characters.

Like all X-Men fans, we all have are favourite and worst versions of the X-Men characters. I decided to make a list of the worst versions of the X-Men characters.

You will see I have missed some X-Men characters out , cause I haven't come across a version of them I didn't like. Characters like Cable, Storm and Nightcrawler don't make my list.

List items

  • The worst version of Wolverine has to be Jason Aaron version of him in Wolverine and the X-Men. I think opening up a school for the new students is a good idea. Wolverine has shown that really cares about the young mutants. Should he be Headmaster of a school? Hell no. It also makes no sense, he was a leader of two hit man squads, the X-Force. He was a leader of a bunch of killers and some how, he qualified to run a school for kids. Then he betrays he own kind in the Avengers vs X-Men story arc and then goes back to be leader of the school. Yeah that make sense. Worst of all, the biggest threat to his school was a bunch of kids. The Hellfire Kids. Jason Aaron version of him is the worst ever.

  • Marvel has Rogue leave X-Men Legacy, leave Brian Wood X-Men, just so Rick Remender can kill her off in Uncanny Avengers. It's like Rick Remender ignore all the work Mike Carey put in to Rogue character and just decided to kill her off. To make matter worse Rogue interactions with Scarlet Witch was the best thing about Uncanny Avengers and now it looks like there both kill off. Rogue costume was horrible as well.

  • Most people think Grant Morrison wrote the best version of Jean Grey. I completed disagree with this. How could he written the best version of Jean Grey. When he destroy her Marriage with Scott Summers without showing any understanding of it and any respect for there relationship. Then he killed her off with out showing her any respect, having Scott make out with Emma, right next to Jean Grey grave. Disgusting much. He had Jean Grey make that happen.

    I think Grant Morrison wrote the worst version of Jean, cause he didn't really care for her character.

  • Matt Fraction wrote the worst version of Magneto ever. When Magneto join the X-Men, he was on his Kneels hailing Cyclops as Caesar. Magneto would never, ever do that. To make matters worse, he was portray as being weak and he became Cyclops little-lapdog.

  • All I am going say is jerk, Grant Morrison turn Cyclops into a major jerk. The way Cyclops treated Jean was disgusting.

  • Worst version of Beast was Grant Morrison. Beast looks terrible, his costume was horrible and getting beat-up by Beak was also stupid. I don't mind 'Here comes tomorrow' version of him, when he was Sublime, the original Beast was terrible.

  • The worst of versions of Emma Frost has to be Matt Fraction. All he ever did was turn her into some sort of sex toy. Matt Fraction and Greg land only care about making her look good. When Namor join the X-Men, it became about him trying to get into Emma Frost Snickers. Emma also let Cyclops do whatever he wants.

  • Kieran Gillen wrote the worst version of Colossus. Sure Colossus became more powerful when became Colossusnaut, but he look like an idiot with that helmet on his head. He also lost to Red-Hulk in the Avengers vs X-Men event. The way he lost was dreadful.

  • Mike Carey wrote the worst version of Gambit. All Gambit did was follow Rogue round a like a puppy dog. Strangely enough Gambit wouldn't wait for a girl who wasn't interest in him. He is a ladies man, he always be popular with the woman. He should of moved on to some one esle.

  • Turing Bishop into a traitor and wannabe child killer, was the worst decision made by Marvel and it the worst version of him.

  • Deadly Genesis was the turning point for Charles Xavier character, Lying to Cyclops and the X-Men was terrible. I just think Joss Whedon made worst by creating Danger. Do they have to butcher Charles character even more.

  • Chuck Austen wrote the worst version of Iceman. Iceman was very annoying and very argumentative. He kept arguing with Havok all time. He just pissed me off.

  • I was very suprised that Chris Claremont kill of Psylocke in X-Treme X-Men, considering he always written her well in comics. I also felt it was a dump moved on his part. X-Treme X-Men was one of coolest teams ever and Psylocke is one of the coolest X-Men characters ever. So killing her off was really stupid decision by Chris Claremont.

  • In the both of the X-Force titles Warren was amazing.. After losing his memory, he was kind of idiot and making him one of students at the Jean Grey institute was kind of stupid. Jason Aaron wrote the worst version of him. I would just let him leave the X-Men for while. Leave him in comic limbo for a while.

  • Kieran Gillen I think wrote the worst version of Kitty Pryde. The reason why I feel that way, is cause she dump Colossus. Which I think was a stupid idea. Once again another writer feels the need to separate these 2.

  • I don't mind Generation X. I thought it was ok series. I felt it was the turning point for Jubilee character. Having Jubilee leave the X-Men in the early 1990's was biggest mistake Marvel made. Since leaving the X-Men, Jubilee hasn't play a real part in any of the X-Men teams in the last 12 years. At the moment she in the spotlight in Brian wood title, once that finishes, she end up in comic limbo again, like she has been. I think it went downhill for her character when she left the X-Men originally.