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What annoys me and what I dislike about comics.

Here is a list of people and teams, that I dislike the most. Also a list of what annoys me the most about comics.

Most things on this list is X-Men related and cause care the most about X-Men comics.

List items

  • The character I hate the most. Like I have said before, Namor is arrogant twat, he should never join the X-Men. He Had one purpose being with the X-Men and that was getting into Emma frost snickers.

  • I have nothing against T'Challa, just don't see what the big deal is about his character. He just annoys me. I don't like the way he treated Storm.

  • Worst Writer in X-Men history. I dislike Matt Fraction the most.

  • Kieron Gillien is a boring writer and his Uncanny X-Men series is one of the worst titles I ever red.

  • Jason Aaron makes my list, cause of Wolverine and the X-Men. He terrible writer and that's terrible series.

  • Grant Morrison is a naive, disrespectful and arrogant writer. I hate his treatment of Jean Grey and Cyclops in New X-Men. How can anyone like that series, is beyond on me. He one of the writers I dislike the most.

  • As I said before, one of X-Men worst ever titles. Jason Aaron series is a very childish series, with a lot of rubbish mutants in it. All Aaron is trying to do is drag Wolverine character through the mud. Thinking of reasons why he shouldn't run a school. I still can't believed people like this series. Cancel it please.

  • A terrible series. I've only like one issue from the whole series.

  • Matt Fraction run on Uncanny X-Men. Worst run in X-Men history.

  • Most people consider New X-Men as one of the best X-Men titles. I think it's one of the worst. One of the X-Men titles I hate the most. All Grant Morrison did, is destroy one of the most popular X-Men couples of all time, without having any understanding of it or respect for it. I'm talking about Jean Grey and Cyclops. He also show no respect for Jean Grey character. Having Cyclops kiss Emma Frost right next to Jean Grey grave. He made Jean Grey do that. Disgusting much.

  • Since Grant Morrison came along, all we seen are too many poorly constructed mutants or characters joining the X-Men. Who have no place in the X-Men and have no impact on the X-Men comics. There just background characters. A waste of time. They are the worst X-Men characters. Broo is one of them.

  • Another poorly constructed character.

  • Another poorly constructed character.

  • Another poorly constructed character.

  • Another poorly constructed character.

  • Another poorly constructed character.

  • The artists I dislike the most. Most of his artwork is dreadful.

  • Another terrible artist.

  • I don't mind the Avengers in the computer games and movies. Can't stand them in the comics. Hulk and Wolverine are the only Avengers I do like.

  • I used to hate Rachel grey, until I red that story 'Hounded' from Wolverine and the X-Men. Now she just annoys me. Instead giving us the real Jean Grey, they give us her daughter. Jean Grey knock off.

  • I hate the way she replace Jean Grey, infact I think it's been disgusting too see the way she replace her. I also hate the fact that all the other X-ladies have been mistreated in comics over the last 12 years, just so Emma Frost could benefit. People give her too much credit. Most people believed Emma Frost has done more for Cyclops than Jean Grey ever did and that Emma has help him become the man he is today. I completed disagree with this. Cyclops became the man he is, cause no one challenge him and no one was in a position to challenge him. Marvel destroy the X-Men characters who could challenge him. Charles, Jean, Storm and Magneto were all treated badly by Marvel. Emma Frost just lived in Cyclops shadows and let him do whatever he wants. She had no impact on any of decisions he made. Emma is X-Men worst leading lady. She not a strong leading lady. A strong leading lady doesn't lived in the shadows of her man. She has no friends in the X-Men. Other than being a Bitch, she offers nothing more to the X-Men. Emma Frost is one of the X-ladies I dislike the most.

  • I could never hate Cyclops as a character, but I don't like the man he become. I don''t like how he treated his loved ones. Particular Jean grey and Cable. I also hate the fact that comics have been center around him for past 6 years. I also think he overrated and overhyped.