Titles that I hope get complete collection or Omnibus

I have decided to make a list of titles that I hope get a complete collection or Omnibus

Most of these titles have been released in volumes.

At the moment I'm pretty annoyed with the way Marvel publishes there titles.

Take this Rogue series below, this series was original released in 2004 but, the complete collection didn't come out until 2015. So I had to wait 12 years for this to be release. It's so annoying. It's only 12 issues.

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While this happens Marvel continues to released the same titles all the time, through complete collections or Omnibus. I mean Uncanny X-Force, Grant Morrison New X-Men have already be release. I mean even Wolverine and the X-Men get Omnibus, that series is terrible.

How many times has Age of Apocalypse be released. I mean, I loved that story, but do we really need so many titles of that story.

Come on Marvel, get it together.

Not only have I listed some Marvel titles, but I also listed some DC as well.

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