The best X-Men story arcs : 2000 to 2007

Here is a list of the best X-Men story arc between 2000 to 2007

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  • The best story arc from New X-Men. After catching Cyclops with Emma Frost. Jean confronts them. She sends Cyclops packing and decides to humiliate Emma Frost. There was good rivalry between Jean and Emma Frost in this issue.

    The only think I didn't like about this issue, is we see everything from Emma Frost prospective.

    We saw her crying in Wolverine arms and Beast shows up wants to give her flowers and chocolates. We don't get to to see how Jean Grey felt.

    I guess that Grant Morrison for you, he care more about Emma Frost.

  • This best story arc from X-Treme X-Men in my opinion. This is story arc, where Rogue gets revenge on Vargus.

  • Day of the Dead is where the Avengers and Jean Grey, Beast and Kurt decide to help Storm X-Men. There some great moments between Jean and Storm, Jean and Rogue and Rogue and Gambit.

  • Passages was a good story. It's the story arc where Jean Grey reminds the X-Men that there family and the X-Men should reunite. It's Also story arc where Rogue and Gambit discovers they lost there powers and decide to leave the X-Men together.

  • Wolverine and Sara Pezzini get married. Great issue.

  • First Ultimate X-Men story arc I red. I love this story. Gambit attacks the X-Men and blows of Wolverine face and kidnaps Rogue.

  • The X-Men have to take on Cassandra Nova. This was good story arc. The rivalry between Jean and Emma Frost was pretty good. Emma was funny in this story arc.

  • First story arc from X-Treme X-Men. It's also the story arc where Vargus kills Psylocke and nearly kills Beast and Rogue.

  • This is story arc where Wolverine being hunted down, so he goes to Spider-man for help.

    Daredevil also decides to help. Spider-man calls the X-Men and they decide to return Logan to the X-Mansion. It's also the story arc where Jean Grey puts Wolverine in his place and Wolverine also learns about how he was created. This story arc has some of the best artwork I have ever seen.

  • This was good Rogue issue, this where Sage jump start Rogue powers. she can use any power she absorb before. We see her using Storm power, Cyclops power, Magneto power and Hulk.

  • This is the story arc where Rogue puts her life on the line to save Gambit. Vargus runs a sword through Rogue and Gambit. It's also story where Storm fights Shaitan.

  • Xorn Kills Jean Grey. This is the last time will really see the real Jean Grey.

  • The Phoenix force returns and raises Jean Grey from her grave. The Phoenix also takes control of Emma Frost body. Jean rips the Phoenix out of Emma Frost.

  • Murder at the Mansion. Is the story arc, where Bishop and Sage come to the school to find out who shoot Emma Frost.

  • In the future the X-Men don't exists, aside from Wolverine. He must fight John Sublime (a future versions of Beast). This is a decent story arc. I like Rover, the first good sentinel we have ever seen.

  • Storm vs Emma Frost, good story.

  • Colossus returns from the dead. Kitty puts Emma Frost in her place.

  • Emma Frost takes control of the X-Men. Kitty vs Emma Frost.

  • This issue looks beautiful. It's great Rogue and Gambit issue. I also like it when Iceman gives Cyclops a hard time about Rogue.

  • While Cyclops trieds to move on from Jean Grey. Emma Frost wants to open a new a school.

    First of all she must save some mutants.

  • Wolverine and Charles return to Genosha. Charles wants to buried Magneto, while Wolverine doesn't.

  • In the second issue we see Porlais reunited with brother Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. They tried to defend there father actions.

  • This issue centers around Sage and Lifeguard. It also centers around Storm and Jean Grey. They go dancing.

  • This is a really good story arc. Vulcan is hell bent on getting revenge against Shi'ar Empire. While Charles Xavier wants to stop him, putting his life at risk.

    He puts a team together. That team is Warpath, Nightcrawaler, Rachel Grey, Havok, Porlais and Darwin. All the characters were written well in this story.

  • 'No More Mutants'. This is the story arc where Scarlet Witch wipes out half the mutant race.

  • Rogue forms a new team.

  • House Arrest was a good story arc. This is the story where Polaris discovers she has no powers and the Sentinels turn up at the X-Mansion.

    The Sentinels attack the X-Men and Polaris trieds to prove to herself that, she can still fight. While that happens Iceman is following her around believing she still has her powers.

    In the end, Porlais decides to leave the X-Men and Havok goes with her. This is really is a funny story arc.

  • This was the story where Mystique disguises herself as as girl called Foxx. She does this to try break up Gambit and Rogue. This is the issue where Gambit discover the truth about Mystique.

  • This is where Rogue and the rest of the X-Men discover Mystique is Foxx.

  • All the X-Men take vote if Mystique should join the X-Men.

  • This is the issue where the Stepford Cuckoos get tired of Emma Frost and they decide to tell Jean Grey about Cyclops and Emma Frost. Jean Grey walks in on Emma and Scott.

  • This is story arc where, we firs meet Dust. I also like this story arc cause, Warpath and Siryn appear in it. Also Jean Grey looks great in this comic.

  • Wand'ring star is story arc that centers around Rachel Grey. She wakes up, opening up the curtains seeing the sentinels standing outside of the X-Mansion. Which kinds reminds her of her future. She leaves the Mansion and comes under attack by The Shi'ar. Both her and Psylocke team up and take out Shi'ar spacecraft. This story arc also centers around Storm and Wolverine in Africa.

  • This is mainly centers around Jean and Logan. I only like this issue, cause Jean looks amazing in it.

  • Phoenix force returns and takes control of Stepford Cuckoos. Good story arc.

  • One of Wolverine most popular story arc. Good story.

  • The first story from X-Factor Investigations. Is where Madrox pushes Rictor of a building and its' where Siryn is Kidnap and torture and only Rictor can saved her.

  • I like this issue, cause this where Polaris goes on her hen night before her wedding. I like this issue, cause it's the issue where Jean gets Gambit to strip dance.

  • X-23 meets the X-Men.

  • This is story, which focuses on X-23 origins and on how she was created.

  • This was good X-23 story arc. Focuses on Laura life after she escapes, where she was created.

  • This is the complete collection of the Emma Frost series from 2003. This was good series.

    My favourite story arc was Higher Learning.

  • First Rogue story arc from her solo series. It's a really good story arc.

  • Both of these Mystique collections came out in 2011, but the original series came out in 2005. It's good series with good story arcs.

  • The first story arc of Ultimate X-Men. It's where Wolverine joins the X-Men and try to kill Cyclops.

  • This is story arc, where Beast dies. This story only makes my list cause of the artwork. It looks amazing. There great images of Beast, Storm, Jean and Angel.If your looking for great images of the X-Men, you should collect this story.

  • This is the story arc, where Magneto returns and takes on the X-Men. It also the story arc where Cyclops returns and kicks Wolverine out of the X-Men.

  • This is the story arc where Madrox discovers he has slept with Siryn and Monet. I love the moment where he walks down the stairs, passing Laylar Millar. Asking her did we slept together. She turns round and said 'of course not Jamie'.

    Then he says' Thank god' and then she says ' I'm saving myself for our wedding night'. It's such a funny moment and this story is really good.

  • This is the therapy issue. Where all the X-Factor members speak to a therapist. It's a really good issue.

  • This is the issue where Madrox and Rictor have conversation about Siryn and Monet. It's also the story where Monet and Siryn don't get along.

  • This a Layler Millar story, when she had to return to the orphanage. Wolfsbane and Madrox to decide visit and discover that she been bullied by the other kids. This is good story, pretty sad though.

  • This focus on Layla Miller life in the future and it focuses on how bad she has it. She also meets Ruby Summers, Scott Summers and Emma Frost daughter from the future.

  • Wolverine kills Sabretooth and chops his head off.

  • Rogue and Gambit take on Juggernaut. I only like this issue cause Rogue looks amazing in it, she had a red dress on. I like the cover too.