The best titles I'm reading at the moment

Here is the list of titles I'm reading at the moment. I've ordered them in the titles I liked the most and what titles I think are the best.

List items

  • X-Men Legacy is my favorite X-Men title at the moment. It's a Rogue title and Rogue my favorite female character in comics. I've enjoy reading this title for the past 5 years.

  • A good X-Men title, could be better though.

  • A very overrated series, but still a good title.

  • Uncanny X-Men has had it's ups and downs over the last 5 years. Matt Fraction made it one of worst X-Men titles in X-Men history and then Kieron Gillen came along a made a Ok title. The one thing I like about the title is the Extinction Team and it's the only thing I like. Stories could be a lot better though.

  • Wolverine is my favorite comic character of all time, so I will always like his titles. This title is not bad and I loved the fact that Sabretooth is back.

  • I'm really loving this team. Storm, Domino, Psylocke, Colossus and Pixe. I think Warpath and Jubilee should of stay on this team. I glad Storm has her own X-Men team. I hope the series get better. I'm looking forward to Domino taking on Psylocke.

  • Not a great story or series if you ask me. The story does have some good chapters and tieds in though.

  • The gambit series has just started and I've enjoy reading the first 2 chapters. Gambit to me, has always been a great character. I'm glad he got a new series.

  • My favorite title from the New 52. Catwoman just great.

  • Great title. Great writing and great artwork. Jim Lee is the best.

  • All girl team, something the X-Men comics need. Birds of Prey is a good title.

  • Batman best title out of the New 52

  • Witchblade has always been a great series and one of my favorites titles

  • A really good title from the New 52 series.

  • Not what I expected, but I'm starting to like Barbara Gordon, it's a good series.

  • Anita Blake came out years ago. I just started to read the series now and I like it.

  • A pretty good Batman series.

  • Angel and Faith. I love these two characters. A good series.

  • Not a great series, but not bad.

  • A really good series. So funny and worth reading.

  • A good series