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The Best Female Titles

I have decided to make a list of best female titles. You will notice for some of the titles, I have selected issue from the series and that cause I like the covers. This is not a list of the best females, just list of the ladies who have the best titles.

List items

  • Witchblade is the best female title of all time. Witchblade is Top Cow best title. It's very successful series, the series has lasted 19 years. The series started in 1995 and it's still amazing title today. Sara Pezzini is a strong leading lady. She started as a NYPD homicide detective and now she a private investigator. I decided to pick this issue, cause I loved the cover.

  • Rogue and X-23 have been the only X-Ladies who have 3 different solo titles. It's kind of strange to pick Sara Pezzini over Rogue, considering Rogue is my favourite female character from comics. I only did that, cause Witchblade is better series.

    X-Men Legacy was one of the main X-Men titles between 2008 to 2012. It was my second favourite X-Men series between those years. The series started to be about Charles Xavier and then it became center around Rogue.

    Rogue was a major bad-ass female in X-Men Legacy. Not only did she beat powerful She-Hulk, she also beat Ms Marvel and rip a robot version of Iron Man apart, as well as defeated the other Avengers who turn up at the school. I have only list this Rogue series, cause I like it a lot.

  • Best Catwoman series of all time. It was this series that made Catwoman one of my favourite female characters. This series, is the series from the early 1990's. This issue was first Catwoman issue I ever red. In this issue Selina has stop a wedding, her wedding.

  • Batgirl is the best female title from the New 52. It's my second favourite series from the New 52, just behind Batman.

  • My favourite X-23 series and one of the best solo titles over the last 6 years.

  • Idolized is center around a character called Joule, who competes in a competition to get revenge on the man who destroy her life. It's a great series.

  • Supergirl series from the New 52, is a great series and one of my favourite DC titles.

  • Batwoman is very good series from the New 52. One of the best DC titles.

  • Psylocke is a great series.

  • I'm not a huge fan of Emma Frost and I never will be. Seeing these type covers of Emma Frost in her solo series. Is insulting, considering none of the other X-ladies got this kind of attention. Despite that, it's still a good series. Higher Learning is my favourite story arc from the series.

  • This great Mystique series.

  • I have always been a fan of Aphrodite, whether it's Aphrodite IX or Aphrodite IV, there both great characters. This is amazing series, with great artwork too.

  • Hit-girl is one bad-ass kid and this is a good series.

  • I feel bad that Buffy the vampire slayer series is so low on my list, considering Buffy Summers is one of my favourite characters of all time. Infact there only one lady on this list, that I like more than her. Most of titles above are better then Buffy the vampire slayer series. I wish Buffy had a better writer and a better artist. It's still a decent series.

  • Anita Blake is a great character and I loved this series.

  • I have always been a fan of Lara Croft and this is great series.