Take control, We girls gonna run this show

We're the leaders of the pack

Boy, you better watch your back

We're the leaders of the pack

Tell me, can you handle that .

I just love those words, there from a song that Girls Aloud sing. It's about woman power.

With that in mind, I decided to make a list of the most powerful and most dangerous woman in comics

List items

  • Jean Grey is one of the most powerful woman in comics. She is a very powerful telepath and has powerful telekinesis. When she is the Phoenix, she one of the most powerful characters in comics. She is the most powerful X-Men. I'm not talking about teen Jean, I'm talking about the original Jean Grey, the one from New X-Men.

  • Scarlet Witch wipe out half of the Mutant race, with three words and she did this when she was crazy. She also throw most of the Marvel characters in a alternative reality. This happened in the House of M story arc. When Scarlet Witch is good she is powerful and when she is crazy, she is as dangerous as hell.

  • Wonder Woman is the most iconic lady in comics. She the most popular woman in comics. She also one of the strongest woman in comics. She has taken on Superman, Supergirl & Darkseid. She s woman you don't want to mess with.

  • Supergirl is Superman cousin and she has the same kind of powers that he does. Which makes one of the most powerful woman in comics.

  • Storm is one of the most powerful woman in comics. She has the ability to control weather. Which makes her one of the most dangerous ladies ever.

  • Psylocke is one dangerous lady. She powerful telepath and has powerful telekinesis. She also a trained killer. Unlike most ladies on this list, Psylocke doesn't need her powers to defeat you, she can do it with her bear hands. A lady who can handle Wolverine, is one dangerous bird.

  • When Rogue lost Ms Marvel powers, I was worry about how strong she will be and how useful she would be in a fight. I wonder if she can be taken down easily. Since she gain control of her powers, she keeps on proving me wrong.

    When the Avengers came knocking at the Jean Grey institute. Rogue took them all on. Not only did she beat powerful she-hulk, but she rip a robot version of Iron Man apart and then she went to defeat Ms Marvel in the next story arc.

    Rogue is one dangerous lady, she has the ability to absorbed people powers. She also can absorbed more than one power. Which makes her very dangerous. All she needs to do is touch you.

  • Kitty Pryde has the ability to pass through solid matter by allowing the molecules of her body to travel through the space between the molecules of whatever solid she is traveling through. She can phase through people and objects. When she phases, you can not touch her or even hurt her. She also can handle herself against telepaths, she prove this in Astonishing X-Men, when she fought Emma Frost.

  • Sara has the Witchblade and the Witchblade gives her these powers :

    Super Strength

    Enhanced vision


    Energy Blast

    Creating Weapons

    Wall Clinging


    Reanimate dead bodies

    Infrared vision

    Creating body armor and shields

    Creating wings to flight

    These powers makes her one dangerous lady. She was a detective and she also well trained in hand to hand combat and the use guns.

  • Emma is a powerful telepath. If she can't control you, she will hurt you with her diamond skin.

  • Much like her mother Rachel is a powerful telepath and she has powerful telekinesis. When she the Pheonix, she very powerful.

  • Susan Storm is one of most powerful woman in Marvel.

  • Like Wonder Woman and Supergirl, Power girl is one strong woman.

  • Magik is one of the most dangerous mutants.

  • Big Barda is one of the Strongest woman in DC comics.

  • Another tough lady from DC comics

  • Polaris is the daughter of Magneto and the sister of Scarlet Witch. She one dangerous woman, you don't want to mess with.

  • The clone of Wolverine, is one dangerous killer.

  • The lady who saved the mutant race. She very powerful young woman.

  • Lady Death is very dangerous lady. She one lady, you do not want to mess with.

  • Willow is a very powerful witch. When she was Dark Willow, she nearly ended the world.

    When she was Dark Willow, her powers were :

    Superhuman strength

    Absorbing life from others


    Emitting high pitch screams

    Healing herself and others instantly at will

    Unleashing powerful energy blast

    Locating people and objects at a distance

    Exerting powerful levels of telekinesis and telepathic mind control.

    No one should ever pissed off Willow

  • Illyria possesses tremendous physical strength. She has the ability to selectively alter time, which allows her to easily dodge both attacks and bullets; she can accomplish a goal and leave an area before her opponent even realizes she has moved. She can also open inter-dimensional portals. Although she lost some of powers she still quite dangerous.

  • Selene can raise the dead. She very dangerous.

  • Maddie is a very powerful telepath

  • Enchantress is one powerful woman.

  • Ms. Marvel is one of the strongest woman in Marvel comics.

  • She-Hulk one of the strongest woman in Marvel.

  • Sif is one dangerous lady.

  • Magma is one powerful Mutant.

  • Dust is a dangerous lady.

  • Domino is not as powerful as some of the ladies on this list, but she has luck on her side. Which is advantage to her and not others.

  • Boom Boom is not as powerful as some of the ladies on this list. She all about the fun and she likes to blown shit up. She quite dangerous.

  • Mystique is a shape shifter. So most people won't know who she is. Which makes her quite dangerous.

  • Velocity has super speed. So she very dangerous.

  • Aphrodite is a dangerous killer.

  • Buffy is a strong woman. Quite dangerous too

  • Zealot is a cool lady and she quite dangerous.

  • Another powerful lady.

  • Like Psylocke,, Elektra is very dangerous.

  • Angela is one cool chick and she quite powerful

  • Hit-Girl is not as powerful as some of the ladies on this list,cause she human and she also a 10 year old girl. Despite that she very dangerous and she prove that in Kick- ass. As that say good things come in small packages or should I say dangerous things come in small packages.