Overrated & Overhyped

I have decided to make a list of people, teams and titles that I think are overrated and overhyped. People always make a a big deal out of them.

When really, they are overrated and overhyped..

List items

  • I have nothing against Batman at all. I think he is one of the greatest comics characters of all time and I think he DC best character. He makes my list, cause most Batman fans think he can beat anyone and everyone. When he can't. He's a human, in a suit and he has no real power behind him.. He very overrated.

  • Wonder Woman is the most popular lady in comics. She makes my list, cause people think she is the greatest female in comics. When really she just boring character. Supergirl is a far more interesting lady and a cooler powerhouse. Even when Rogue had Ms Marvel powers, she was a cooler powerhouse.

  • A lot X-Men fans believed Cyclops saved the mutant race, when he didn't. Hope Summers and Scarlet Witch saved the mutant race. Cyclops united the mutant race, there is a difference. Cyclops is overrated and overhyped..

  • Most people believed Emma Frost has done more for Cyclops than Jean Grey ever did and that Emma has help him become the man he is today. I completed disagree with this. Cyclops became the man he is, cause no one challenge him and no one was in a position to challenge him. Marvel destroy the X-Men characters who could challenge him. Charles, Jean, Storm and Magneto were all treated badly by Marvel. Emma Frost just lived in Cyclops shadows and let him do whatever he wants. She had no impact on any of decisions he made. Emma is X-Men worst leading lady.

  • Arrogant twat, that never should of join X-Men. He had one purpose being with the X-Men and that's was getting into Emma Frost snickers. People going on about him being one of the first ever mutants. Who cares. Where was he when the X-Men were at there best. No where. He had no real impact on the X-Men comics.

    He also a rip-off of Aquaman. He very overrated.

  • Thor makes my list, cause he a popular character, but he very boring.

  • I don't quit understand why Spider-Man is so popular. He doesn't have amazing powers and at times he can be very annoying. He very overrated.

  • There is only one writer I dislike more then Grant Morrison and that's Matt Fraction. Most people consider New X-Men as one of the best X-Men titles. I think it's one of the worst. All Grant Morrison did, is destroy one of the most popular X-Men couples of all time, without having any understanding of it or respect for it. I'm talking about Jean Grey and Cyclops. He also show no respect for Jean Grey character. Having Cyclops kiss Emma Frost right next to Jean Grey grave. He made Jean Grey do that. Disgusting much. Grant Morrison is a naive, disrespectful and arrogant writer.

  • One of X-Men worst ever titles. Jason Aaron series is a very childish series, with a lot of rubbish mutants in it. All Aaron is trying to do is drag Wolverine character through the mud. Thinking of reasons why he shouldn't run a school. I still can't believed people like this series. Cancel it please.

  • Very, very, very, very overrated. A lot of X-Men fans considered this series, as one of the best X-Men best titles of all time. I completed disagree with this. Joss Whedon wrote 4 stories and only 2 of them were actually good. What was the point of reuniting Kitty and Colossus and then separating them.

  • X-Factor was a good series and Peter David is a good writer. This series is overrated, cause people think it's one of the best X-Men titles. It's not. It doesn't focus on the main X-Men characters and not all of the characters in this series are interesting.

  • The world's greatest heroes according to Marvel. Give me a break. They are rip-off of The Justice League and all they do is steal heroes from other comics. The X-Men and The Justice League are much better teams. I like the Hulk and Wolverine, but the rest are as lame as ever.