New X-Men (2015)

Here is another title I would like to see, in 2 years time.

I'm sure most X-Men fans would agree, that the new mutants don't spend enough time in the spotlight and I know most X-Men fans would like that to change.

This title will be the title that focuses on the new mutants. The first story arc will focus on the leadership of team and then it will go on on to focus on the individual mutants. Each character will have a story that focus on them.

Title won't just focus as team title, you know going missions. It will also focus on characters, how they struggle to live there lifes as mutants. How they get on school. It will focus on both schools.

Storm, Kitty, Jean Grey (old Jean Grey) & Emma Frost will be put this team together, cause there teachers and they care about the young mutants. Wolverine will make appearance in the title, so will Storm, Jean, Kitty and Emma Frost.

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