My favorite males from the X-Men universe

Here is a list of my favorite males from the X-Men comics.

Enjoy !

List items

  • He is best at what he does, do I really need to say anymore. Wolverine is my favorite comic character of all time. He is the coolest mutant and one of the most dangerous mutants of all time.

  • One of the most powerful Mutants of all time and One of the best.

    The best X-Men villain of all time. Erik Lehnsherr has to be on my list.

  • The son of Cyclops. Cable is much better than his father. He is extremely tough & very determine and has attitude that won't quit or give in. He has to be on my list.

  • Poor Remy, the last 10 years have not been kind to him, but he still one of the best X-Man characters of all time. He very charming, very sexy & dangerous too. I love his relationship with Rogue, one of the best couples of all time and my favourite of all time.

  • While I don't like the man Cyclops has become and I don't agree with some of the decisions he has made. He defiantly been on a interesting journey as a character and still is one of the best X-Men characters of all the time. He became the leader of the mutant race. Before Morrison came along, he was one of my favorites.

  • The strong Russian, with a heart of a hero. I love Colossus.

  • Who doesn't love Victor. Wolverine's arch enemy. Sabretooth is one of X-Men's best villains of all time.

  • The Merc with the mouth, Wade just really cool. Wade is stupid and funny and back in the day he was one of the coolest villains ever, back in the early 90's, I love wade.

  • I have always been a fan of Hank McCoy, back in the early 1990’s he was one of my favourite X-Men characters. When he was a member of the Blue team in the 1990’s.

    I’m still a fan of his today and I think he is really interesting in All New X-Men.

  • I feel bad for Charles, he was made irrelevant for years and then he was killed by off by Cyclops in the AVX event.Typical Marvel, they have an act for destroying good characters. Charles will always be one of the most important X-Men characters of time..

    The most respected mutant on the planet, has to be on my list.

    He is the reason the X-Men exist.

    There is no one like Chuck.

  • Another time-traveller from the future. Back in the day, Bishop was one of the coolest characters ever. He was very tough and had one of the coolest attitudes ever.

    It’s a real shame that Marvel destroys his character. He always be one of the best X-Men characters, which why he makes my list. For how he was, back in the day.

  • One of the coolest character ever. Iceman has one of the best personalities ever, he is so funny. He also has the coolest powers, which why he makes my list.

    Love him in X-Men Legends.

  • When Warren is Angel, he is as boring as ever.

    When Warren is Archangel he is as cool ever, which is why he makes my list.

  • It’s actually tied between Apocalypse and Stryfe. I can’t decide who I like more. The 2 of them, are two are most powerful X-Men villains of all time and two of best villains ever.

    Both characters we the major bad guys in two of my favourite X-Men story arcs, X-Cuitoner Song and Age of Apocalypse.

    Who can forget when Stryfe first confronted Apocalypse

  • Best character created from the Age of Apocalypse story arc.

  • The Onslaught Saga may not be one of the best story arcs, but Onslaught is one of coolest characters created and one of the most powerful characters ever created. Which is why he makes my list.

  • Not a huge fan of Kurt, but I still think he is one of the best X-Men characters. Which is why he makes my lists.

  • It’s actually tied between Warpath and Shatterstar, I can’t decided who I like more.

    Back in the early’s 1990’s, I like Shatterstar more than Warpath, even though I thought warpath was a good character.

    Over the last 10 years I have like Warpath more than Shatterstar.

    In Kyle and Yost X-force he was amazing. Taking down Selene and then teaming up with Ghost rider to take down the Monstrous Demon Bear. Who can forget him being reunited with his brother.