Ladies that should have a solo series.

So as we know, there are quite a few titles out dedicated to ladies .

Here is a list of ladies that should, have a solo series. Some of these ladies, have already had some.

You will notice some X-ladies are on the list.

I think these ladies should be treated with respect, given a good writer and good artists. They should be promoted well. So they don't end up being cancel like She-Hulk.

List items

  • There were rumours that Jean Grey was going to have a solo series. I'm not sure if that still going to happen. I think it should. It should focus on the real Jean, not teen Jean. The real Jean, the one from the White Room. At first its should focus on what Jean been doing in the White room. Then she loses the Phoenix and comes back to earth. She has to deal with the death of Charles and Logan. Deal with the man Cyclops has become. Then become headmistress of her school. Deal with being headmistress.

  • Psylocke has had a series before. I like her to have another one. Not a mini series. She can encounter different villains like Omega Red, Sabretooth. I also would like her to confront Vargas, the man who killed her.

  • Magik has been one of the coolest X-Men characters over the last couple of years. She also very powerful. I would loved her to have a solo series. She can take on some villains and encounter other characters from the Marvel universe.

  • Domino reminds me of Black Widow and Mystique. She is skilful fighter and she great with guns. She also has luck on her side. I would loved her to have a solo series. She has history with Cable, Deadpool and Wolverine. She also has history with the X-Force. I like the series, to focus on her origins first and then take it from there.

  • Emma Frost has had series before. I would like her to have one again.

  • I would loved Dani to have a solo series.

  • It would be cool, if Ruby had a solo series

  • I would loved Hope Summers to have a solo series.

  • Bendis show us, how amazing Tempus is. I would loved her to have a series.

  • Mystique has had one before, I want her to have another one.

  • Bendis made me like Dazzler. I would like her to have another solo series.

  • Would love Jubilee to have a series. Focus more on her being a vampire.

  • Who wouldn't want Polaris to have a series.

  • Blink has had a series before. I want another one.

  • So Gwen-Stacy, Silk and Spider-Woman have a series. What about Black Cat ?

  • Wanda has been through a lot, from wiping out half of the mutant race, to discovering Magneto not her father. I would like Wanda to have a series. She powerful too. So I think it would be fun, too see how she deal with different people.

  • I would love her to have a series.

  • Angela and Sif had a series. What about Enchantress ?

  • There are many versions of Aphrodite. This is my favourite versions. I would love her to have a series.

  • Nico is in the A-Force and she will be in a new Runaways series. How about she gets her own series ?

  • Wonder Girl is my favourite character from Teen Titans. I would like her to have a series.

  • Lois Lane series would be cool.

  • Would like Stephanie to have another Batgirl series.

  • Loved Huntress to have a new series

  • Who wouldn't want Molly Hayes to have a series. Even if it's a mini series

  • I really like Starling in Birds of Prey. I would like her to have a min series.

  • Valeria series would be cool.

  • I would like a Maria Hill to have a series.

  • It would be great if Samantha had a series.

  • I want Rogue to have a solo series again. I want her to return to the X-Men.

  • Marvel please give X-23 another series.

  • I know Batwoman has just finish. I missed her already. Give her another series.

  • I would loved Velocity to have a series. Maybe Origins series.

  • I like Shanna in Savage Wolverine. A series could be interesting.

  • I really enjoy Katarina appearance in Witchblade and like her stories with Lady Death and Spawn. I would like her to have a solo series.

  • A songbird series would be great.

  • I would like her to have a series.