Favourite titles of 2014

I have decided to make a list of my favorite titles of 2014. You will see a lot of X-Men titles in my list. This year I think X-Men titles are pretty good.

I do prioritise the titles I'm reading. Some titles I will make sure I read on monthly bases. Other titles I read when I can.

I have missed out 2 titles from my list, they are Cable and X-force and Trish Out of Water and that's cause they ended at the start of the year.

I might make changes to my list at some point, with Spider-Woman and Angela getting a solo series and With Wonder Woman getting new writer and artist.

List items

  • All-New X-Men has been my favorite series since it started and it started in November 2012. I do think the the quality of the writing has gone down a bit since series started. I think Bendis can write a few issues that are Ok and then he comes along with one issue that is amazing. That issue ends up being my favorite comic of the month. This series is my favorite, cause of Jean Grey. I am huge Jean Grey fan and I loved what Bendis is doing with her character. I also loved the artwork in the series.

  • Uncanny X-Men is my second favorite series of 2014. It's a series that keeps on getting better and better. I do think this series is just as good as All-New X-Men. I only like All-New X-Men more, cause of Jean Grey. I think Cyclops is really cool in this series. I do like Magik and Tempus too.

  • The Jubilee series, what's not loved. This series focuses on the X-Ladies. It's great series.

  • All-New X-Factor is one of the best titles of 2014. Gambit, Polaris, Quicksilver and Danger are really great in this series. Peter David is doing a great job with those characters. All X-Men fans should be reading this series.

  • Magneto is one of the best titles of 2014. I loved this series. Loved. I think all X-Men fans should be reading this series.

  • I really like the line-up in this series and stories have been good so far.

  • So far only 2 issues of Storm have been released. I enjoy both issues. I am really happy Storm got her own solo series.

  • Although I was against teen Cyclops getting a solo series. I can honestly say this series has been a surprise package. It's pretty good.

  • Witchblade is still one of the best titles ever and still one of my favorite titles.

  • Move over Carol, here comes Kamala Khan.

    This is great series. One of Marvel best titles at the moment.

  • Batgirl is still my favorite DC title. This series has been one of my favorite titles since the New 52 started.

  • Superman/Wonder Woman is a great series. I'm sad that Charles Soule and Tony Daniel are leaving the series. I think they have done an amazing job with this series.

  • So far I've enjoy Black Widow. The writing is good and so is the artwork.

  • So far I only red 2 issues of Inhuman and I liked what I've seen so far. There a lot of talk about this series replacing the X-Men, that's never going to happen. This series is good, but the X-Men are the best.

  • I have red 5 issues of Elektra and I liked what I seen so far. I'm not sure whether I will be reading this series come next year, but I guess we will see.

  • Love Batwoman. That's all I have to say.

  • The first 2 issues of Teen Titans has been pretty good. I loved Kenneth Rocafort artwork. So I hope this series gets better and better.

  • The only X title to be so low on my list. I really like the line-up of this series. I only wish the writing was better.

  • Supergirl has been one of my favorite titles, since the New 52 started and it still is.

  • I really like Secret Origins. I wish the X-Men did another series like this.

  • Coffin Hill is a great a series. It's about Witchcraft

    The main character is Eve Coffin, she is a witch and a cop. At the moment I am about 2 issues behind on the series.

  • I have red the first 2 issues of Chastity and it's pretty good so far. I hope that continues.

  • Lola XOXO is a good series.

  • I always wanted to read the Robyn Hood series, but I never got a chance to. So when I heard about the 2014 series, I just had to pick it up. It's pretty good.

  • This series has just started and I like what I've seen.

  • Rat Queens is a great series and it's really funny. At the moment, I'm about three issues behind on the series. I hope to catch up soon.