Best X-Men characters : 2008 to 2012.

I have decided to make a list of the best written X-Men characters in late 2000's. Best characters between 2008 to 2012.

Here some of the main titles that was released in late 2000's

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List items

  • I have a lot of mixed feelings about Wolverine character over the 5 years. In way I think has been written poorly, you know betraying his own kind in Avengers vs X-Men and then becoming headmaster of school, something that doesn't suit him. Then there is the struggles with his son Daken. Despite that, he has taken more responsibility in the X-Men over last couple years and he became leader of the X-Force. Which I think was a good thing for his character.

  • I haven't liked the man Cyclops become. I don't like the fact that comics have been center around him for the past 5 years. I do think he has been on a interesting journey as a character. He became leader of the mutant race. He nothing like the man he use to be.

  • Best female character over last 5 years. She had a series dedicated to her. She mature and gain control of hers powers. She also took on the Avengers when they came knocking at the school and then she went to defeat Ms Marvel. Best X-lady by far over lasts couple of years.

  • X-23 was one of the best characters in the X-Force and then she went on to have her own series as well.

  • Messiah Complex

    Messiah War

    Second Coming.

    Avengers: X-Sanction

    Cable has play a major part in all of these story arcs. He also had his own series. He become the protector of Hope Summers.

  • Psylocke return in 2009 and then she went on join Wolverine in Uncanny X-Force. she was the best character in the series. She also had her own series too.

  • Archangel has been one of the best characters in both the X-Force titles.

  • Domino was a great character from the X-Force. What a entrance she made, sticking a gun in Warren mouth.

  • Warpath was a bad-ass character in X-Force. He also kill Selene.

  • Colossus became Colossonaut, he was bad-ass character.

  • Hope has been the most important character to the Mutant race. She has to be on this list. Also I loved her relationship with Cable.

  • Magik has been a cool character in the X-Men, loved her twisted relationship with her brother.

  • Kurt has had his moments.

    Dropping Omega Red out of thin air.

    Dying in Second Coming, which was very sad.

    Age of Apocalypse Kurt beating Iceman.

  • Emma had her moments

    Slapping Hope Summers

    Talking about how much she misses Kurt

    Defeating Thor in Avengers Vs X-Men

  • Elixir was a cool character when he appear in X-Force.

  • Vanisher was funny when he appear in X-Force.

  • Stryfe was good when he appear in Messiah War.

  • Apocalypse was a good when he appear in Messiah War.

  • Deadpool was a very cool character in Uncanny X-Force and in Messiah War. He also was funny when he appear in X-Men comics to defeat vampires. His interactions with Domino were cool.

  • Daken makes my list, cause how much he made Logan suffered.