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I decided to make a list of the best movies 2015.

Here are two great movies of 2015, that are not listed on comic vine :

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These movies were really good. Get Hard was my third favorite movie of the year, it's so funny. If you haven't watch it, you should. Spy was pretty good too.

I decided to rank the movies on my list :

10/10 : Best movie of the year

9/10 : Very Good Movie

8/10 : Pretty Good Movie

7/10 : Good, expected it to be better.

6/10 : Good, decent Movie

5/10 : OK Movie, nothing special.

List items

  • 10/10 : Best movie of the year.

    Liked most people, I was looking forward to this movie. I watched it last week. Despite having the same kind of script as the first Stars Wars movie. It's really good movie. New characters were great, Rey and Finn were good. Kylo was a decent villain. BB-8 was cute. Love the return of Han-Solo, Chewbacca and Leia. Great seeing C-3P0 and RD-D2. I'm suprised about what happened to Han-Solo. I can't wait to see Luke in the next movies. Not as good as the Original Stars Wars movies, but much better than the prequels.

  • 9/10 Very Good Movie.

    Really like this movie. Chris Pratt was Great. Raptors were awesome. Loved the fight at end with the T-REX and Indominus rex.

  • 7/10 : Good movie, expected it to be better.

    This movie wasn't as good as the first Avengers Movie. Decent action movie, but I didn't really like the script or some of the dialogue in this movie. This movie only makes my list, cause I liked the fight between Iron Man's 'Hulkbuster' armor and the Hulk. It was pretty good. I like Scarlet Witch in this movie. She was pretty good.

  • 6/10 Good, Decent Movie.

    I wasn't expected much from this movie, but it was good. It was funny.

  • 6/10 Good, Decent Movie.

    Not really Mad Max fan, but this movie was good. I like Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, they were good in this.

  • 6/10 Good, Decent Movie.

    Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, this was a decent movie. Not as good as Maleficent, but still good. Can't wait to watch The Jungle Book and The Legend of Tarzan.

  • 5/10 : OK Movie, nothing Special.

    This movie was OK. I prefer the older cast of the first 2 movies. I like it when Doctor Victor Von Doom turn evil started killing people. I liked the last fight.