Best Comics of January, February & March 2013

I have decided to create a list, where I list the best comics of the year 2013.

I have started with the first 3 months of 2013.

I listed the comics in order that I like them.

The comics are from Marvel & DC

List items

  • Best issue of All New X-Men so far. This is a great Jean Grey issue. Jean Grey discovers what happens to her future self. The writing and artwork is great in this issue.

  • While Kitty bonds with Jean Grey. Cyclops steals Wolverine motorbike and explores the time he lives in. Great issue, great artwork.

  • Captain America and the Avengers, go to hell. Love this issue. Best issue from Uncanny X-Men so far.

  • I really like this issue. The conversation between Emma and Cyclops was really interesting. This issue is for fans of Emma and Cyclops.

  • Cable is back, reunited with Hope and Domino. Love the reunion with Cable and Hope Summers.

  • I like this issue a lot, cause of the conversation between Cable and Domino. It was really cool.

  • My favourite issue from Savage Wolverine so far. Love the interactions between Logan and Shanna.

  • This is a really good Batman issue. Joker decides to go after Batman and the Batman family. What he has plan is as twisted as ever.

  • Love this Batgirl issue. So the Joker decides to go after Barbara. The writing in this issue very good and so the artwork. Barbara is very cool in this issue.

  • Supergirl vs Wonder Woman. Great issue.