Best comics of April, May & June 2013

In this list, I decided to the list best comics of April, May & June 2013

I listed the comics in order that I like them.

The comics are from Marvel & DC

You will notice I have listed more Marvel titles than DC in this list and that's cause I'm more of Marvel fan and I'm a bit behind on DC comics. I need to catch up. I may update this list later on.

List items

  • The X-ladies finally get there own title and it's about time. Thank you Brain Wood. This was good issue and all the X-Ladies were written well in it and they look good as well. Jubilee Back as well.

  • Another great issue from Brain Wood. I really like Rogue in this issue.

  • Great Colossus and Kitty issue.

  • The first few issues of this series hasn't been good, but this issue is. Both Psylocke and Storm are in Bishop mind.

  • Psylocke vs Spiral, loved this issue. Great interactions between Logan and Psylocke as well.

  • Wolverine teams up with Elektra. Great issue.

  • Another great issue from Savage Wolverine.

  • This has been the only issue I like from the first story arc of Uncanny Avengers. I like the moments between Thor and Wolverine, at the end of the issue.

  • Great issue, great artwork. Who cares about Havok speech. The artwork is amazing in this issue. Good job Olivier Coipel. Very good job.

  • Iceman finally get the attention he deserves. Good issue.

  • Another great Iceman issue.

  • With Man of steel coming out in June and Jim Lee being the artists of the series. It was hard not pick this up. This is really good issue and look amazing.

  • Batman & Superman. What's not too love. Good issue.