Best characters of 2014.

I decided to make a list of the best characters of 2014. This is a list of characters that I have enjoy the most in 2014.

List items

  • Magneto has been the best character of 2014. His series has been great. I'm so glad Magneto stop following Cyclops orders and decided to do things his own way. I'm counting days for him to return as a villain.

  • Jean has had a busy year with the trial of Jean Grey and becoming more powerful. I also like her training session with Emma. I also love her conversation with adult Scott.

  • Although I have enjoy both Cyclops's. I can say I have enjoy adult Cyclops most this year. I think Bendis is doing a great job on his character this year. For past 2 years Cyclops has been one of my favourite X-Men characters.

  • This is year Wolverine die and I liked the first three issues of Death of Wolverine story arc. I also liked the issue when Wolverine and Storm went on a date.

  • I have enjoy Storm in her solo series. I think she has been written well in the X-Men series too.

  • I loved that fact that Jubilee is in the spotlight again. X-Men seems to be her title.

  • Polaris has been really great in All-New X-Factor, I loved seeing her as leader. She one of my favourite characters of 2014.

  • Gambit is one of the best characters of All-New X-Factor. Loved what Peter David done with his character. It looks like Gambit gone back to being a ladies man, you know sleeping with Harrison Snow wife.

  • Another character from All-New X-Factor that makes my list. Quicksilver has been really interesting character . All-New X-Factor #12 was really good Quicksilver issue. I loved him in X-Men: Days of the Future Past.

  • Not really fan of Dazzler, but I like what Bendis is done with her character. Loved the moment she look in the mirror.

  • Not really a fan of Danger, but I think she has been really funny in All-New X-Factor.

  • I thought Rogue was great in the Axis event. I loved her in Uncanny Avengers issue 24.

  • Kurt was great in the Axis event. Loved it when, he went after Sabretooth.

  • Emma makes my list cause, I like her training sessions with Jean.

  • I like Sabretooth in the Axis events . I also like creed encounter with Kurt.

  • Tempus has had a great year. Loved it when she travel through time.

  • Chastity solo series has been great.

  • Kamala Khan has been a breath of fresh air. She so funny and interesting.

  • Nastasha solo series has been great

  • I really like Wanda in the Axis Event. Love her chemistry with Rogue.

  • I really like Supergirl in the Red Lantern story arc, love the fact she was angry and pissed off. I also like her chemistry with Superman in the Doomed story arc. She wanted Clark to get angry.

  • Superman I thought was pretty cool in the Doomed Story arc.

  • I enjoy Wonder Woman in the Doomed story arc and I like her in Superman/Wonder Woman series. I also started to read her solo series, now that David Finch has taken over as the artists.

  • So Teen Titans was a new team book I became interested in. Wonder Girl is my favourite character from the series. She looks great, pink costume and blonde hair and a whip. She kick-ass too.

  • Beast Boy has be pretty cool in Teen Titans, love his powers

  • I like Iron Man in the Axis Event. Even though, he was a dick.