Feats of unimaginable strength

Post the greatest feats of strength here. 
I want to see scans of your favorite heroes greatest feats of strength =] 
(doesnt have to the hulk or superman etc., just your favorite)


Bat-tle to the finish!!! (Three rounds)

Who would win the fights and why??? 
And if you feel up to it, be descriptive on what you think would happen 
Round one: 
takes place in a large empty room with no windows or doors 
All combatants are unarmed (exept alfred and damien) and are only wearing martial artist pants and socks.   
No time limit 
Fight untill death or knockout. 
No surrender. 
Morals apply, and characters can team up against other characters but must fight each other at some point. 
Combatants are:

Bruce Wayne 
Dick Greyson 
Tim Drake
Damien Wayne (equipped with a Bokken Wooden sword) 
Alfred Pennyworth (equipped with a bow staff)  
Terry McGuinnes  
Jason Todd

 Round Two: 
no time limit 
Takes place in a large warehouse with metal storage boxes but there are no improvised weaponry availably (they can only use what they got as a weapon) 
Fight untill KO or Death. 
Morals apply and team ups are still possible as they were in round one. 
No surrender. Wearing Black Martial artist pants and socks, and black long sleeve Shirts.
Combatants are: 
Bruce Wayne: 20 Dull metal Batarangs 
Dick Greyson: Sturdy Wooden Escrima Sticks (very hard to break)
Tim Drake: Sturdy Wooden Bow Staff  (very hard to break)
Damien Wayne: Dull Katana With Tip cut off (no stabbing for you), and 10 Dull Batarangs 
Alfred Pennyworth: One stun batarang, and a Metal Bow staff)
Azreal: One Dull Metal Wrist Blade 
Joker: one 10,000 Volt hand Buzzer 
Jason Todd: One Powerfull Co2 Airsoft pistol With 10 Metal BB's, One Wooden Dagger (semi easy to break) 
Round Three: 
Takes place in a large empty room with no windows or doors 
All characters are Bloodlusted and will kill any other combatant. 
No time limit. 
No team ups due to bloodlusted nature. 
Fight untill death 
Wearing White martial artist pants and socks (and what ever else i give them)  
Combatants have No Weapons 
 Combatants are: 
Bruce Wayne
Dick Greyson
Tim Drake 
Damien Wayne: Gloves with Lead packed Fists 
Alfred Pennyworth: Gloves ith lead packed fists, Light Steel Toe'd Boots 
Jason Todd 
Terry McGuinness 


does anyone have the scan from killing joke were batman laughs?

i used to have this comic but one of my friends borrowed it and lost it in the mountains (i know it sounds wierd but for me and my friends, losing stuff in the mountains is a regular occurance...) and as i was sitting here thinking about it...i completely forgot what the joke joker said to make batman laugh was...i have been wracking my brain about it and i need to remember...if you can tell me what it is thats fine but if you have the scans that would be awsome =)


My RP Character, what do you think?

Name: Jack Circus 
 Hero name: Cirque (Sirk) <- pronounced 
 Powers: he is an acceptional athlete and highly agile, very quick, he miraculously never gets tired or out of breath, he has exceptional skill at learning anything that has to do with his body (anything physical), has incredible reflexes and flexibility. 
attitude: he is highly stubborn and does not compromise often, once he has made up his mind that is usually the way it stays. he is hard to anger but if you manage to do it, he will no longer see the fight as a game and will become brutal. he is generally kind and easy to talk to aswell as very loyal to those who earn it. He feels obligated to protect human life because he feels as though he is superior.
Appearance: He wears a black and white clown mask that is black on the right side and white on the left (split down the middle), on the black side there is a white + with points on the ends over the eye and on the white side there is a black one. He often paints his face under the mask in the same way if he is crime fighting. He wears a long black trenchcoat and if crime fighting wears his hood up. He wears black gloves with black unpolished metal shells covering the knuckles. Black military style boots and black jeans with faded gray spots. the jeans are woven with nylon to make them stretchy.His shirt is any shirt he has decided to wear out of his wardrobe. 
ethnicity: White 
Hight: 5'10 
Weight: 150 lb 
Hair: black and straight, about medium length for a boy. 
Eyes:Blue and at the right time at dawn they turn gray. 
Body type: athletic and lean. 
Why he fights crime: he simply believes he is above the average human and wants to see what he can make of himself. has a strong sense of justice and does not condone killing
Origin: he was found in a dumpster near a french traveling circus at roughly age 12 with no memory of who he was or why he was there. the ringmaster of the circus decided it would be best for the boy to stay with them and gave him the name Jack Circus. during his time with the traveling circus he became a master at preforming feats such as acrobatics, tight rope walking and other balancing acts, and a skilled contortionist. he learned how to make impressive and fancy pyrotechnics and prop tricks (smoke bombs, confetti cannons, ect.) the circus had always known there was something special about him but Jack himself was cirtain that he was an extraordinary person. when the circus was traveling to the united states and was preforming near Blùdhaven city, Jack went out for a welk through town. a mugger stopped him in an ally way and knocked him to the ground and quickly grabbed his wallet. when Jack got up and realized what had happened he quickly persued the mugger and caught up quick. he tackled the mugger and then squared up to him, ready to fight. the muggar began to swing a knife at Jack and yet as hard as he tried he could not hit him. Jack was amused as he was twisting and leaping out of the way effortlessly and eventually the mugger threw jacks wallet back on the ground and said, "Take it you Freak!". Jack pounced on the muggar and began beating him senseless. afterwards jack took back his wallet and then took the muggers as well. Later the next night he left his circus tent bringing all of his belongings with him, all he left was a note for the Ringmaster who had been like a father to him. "im off to be an exceptional person elswere...but this will always be my home. Love Jack". Jack made his way to metropolis city and started beating muggers everynight to fund his life style, he enjoyed finding colorful ways to distract them and awe them with his props before a beat down. he began learning martial arts at the many dojo's and gyms around the city. as with any activity that was physical, Jack mastered martial arts quick, mastering tecniques that take years in a matter of months. however various, his martial arts mastery is only as grand as his average teachers. Jack was now around 17 and was ready to start taking on bigger fish under the alias he had created for himself, Cirque (French for Circus).   
as for not knowing who he is or where he came from, he doesnt have any desire to know. he infact thinks he would wrather not know, thinking, "i can be who ever i want...why would i want to ruin that by knowing who i am?" 
but in the life style he is choosing he is bound to run accross many knowladgable people...can he keep his past a secret from himself forever?    

if you had the option to be your favorite superhero...would you?

the only catch is. all the people you know and love are now gone from your existance and instead of living the life you lived, you lived the life of your hero.(or villian) 
for all you know you may not even have the memories of your former life either. 
and most heros have #&cked up lives too. 
would you be willing to lose everything to live the life of hardship and pain that your favorite idol has in order to be that idol?

I want to know jason todds true skills

i dont like jason that much overall but alot of people seem to think he is badass... 
well im not close minded so im willing to give this opinion a try.  
what impressive feats has he done? who is the most powerful person he has taken down?  
what impressive skills set him apart from the rest? 
any scans you have of him whooping in a fight would be highly welcomed. 
p.s. i know about tim and jasons past already so dont use it to prove his skills.
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